Gambler’s Folly

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Who’s ready for Gambler’s Folly?

What is Gambler’s Folly?

A fantasy world, a book, and a book series! A lot of people ask me where I get my story ideas and this can be a tough question. But Gambler’s Folly is a bit involved. Let me explain. A lot of people ask me where I get my story ideas and this can be a tough question. But Gambler’s Folly is a bit involved. Let me explain.

But one of their songs, South Coast, is about a man who wins his wife in a card game. How weird is that? Under what circumstances could this happen? But it was a long time ago, back when California was just being settled. I thought there’s no way that could happen in this day and age. Or is there? What if we were on another world, a pleasure world where people went to get away and have fun? Something like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, where the normal rules don’t necessarily apply?

And what if a guy got in way over his head? Gambler’s Folly was born.

Karianna’s husband was addicted to gambling, which was about to end their marriage. He planned a trip to Gambler’s Folly to patch things up between them. But the lure of the casinos was too much. After losing close to a million dollars, he was given one chance to cancel his debt to the Stella d’Oro.

One hand of cards and, win or lose, he would be debt free. But if he lost, he would give up his wife to the casino owner, Damiano Leone, the strongest man in the underworld syndicate. And he lost.

Suddenly Karianna finds herself plunged into a world of glamour and danger as the wife of this powerful man, even as she becomes increasingly attracted to him. But Damiano is a little more than he seems. Karianna had never believed in shifters, but when she issues a mating challenge to Damiano–a leopard shifter– she learns things about herself she’d never dreamed could be real.

So come join me on Gambler’s Folly.

We can hit the casinos or the beaches. Maybe find a mountain retreat to ski or a lake house for a week. And once you’ve met Damiano and Karianna–Dam and Kari to their friends–you can meet the rest of the gang in the other books in the series. In Book 2, Dante’s Angel, we head back to Earth for Dam and Kari’s big church wedding, with several surprises along the way–including a priest who is a bit more than he seems. And let’s not forget The Russian! Dmitri Ivanovich Volkov has been around for over 500 years, spending most of his time as a mercenary. Two hundred years ago, he lost his soulmate and has remained a lone wolf since. He doesn’t want or need a mate. But Mother Nature has a surprise for him on Gambler’s Folly–a cute little blond named

Danielle who works at Interpol’s Speranza office. But is she more woman than this gruff dire wolf can handle?

Where can you find them?

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Come with me to Gambler’s Folly. It doesn’t cost much to get there. And I’m sure Dam will give us a discount.

Mellie Miller 

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