Fantasy Romance: 4 Reasons to Read Books from This Genre

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Fantasy romance is packed with adventure, magical things, and the warmth of love are the things that fill the pages of books from this genre.

Based on her book, Rabbithole (Nights of Alice) and how it is expertly written, author Melissa Rea is a true enthusiast of the fantasy romance genre. She weaves into her stories impressive metaphors and world-building that paint a fantastic and intriguing place.

Overall, fantasy romance is a fascinating genre. Readers can expect to be greeted by a world full of old magic, warlocks, wizards, and romance between various characters. The genre also exists in other mediums, such as video games, TV shows, movies, comics, and more.

However, some might still need to be convinced to get into fantasy romance. Here are five reasons people should read more fantasy romance books in life!

1. Plot Twists and Unexpected Elements

Fantasy has a distinctive energy. The author’s imagination is the only restriction on what components they can include. This indicates that the genre frequently includes unexpected elements. Readers can never entirely guess what a fantasy work will contain because it has a limitless potential unrestricted by reality.

A good example would be “Game of Thrones,” a series of fantasy books later transformed into a TV series in 2011. The books and shows are renowned for the story’s many unforeseen and shocking events. Nobody ever truly knows what will come next, from sudden deaths to abrupt appearances of villains, “Game of Thrones” keeps everyone stunned in shock.

2. A Unique Mixture of Old and New Aspects

Fantasy has the unique ability to allow authors to combine their original works with elements from reality and its past. Even though the laws of reality unconstrain imagination, it frequently draws inspiration from the past. For instance, the fantasy subgenre known as medieval fantasy features tales that are either set during the medieval era or heavily influenced by it.

These historical ideas can be reimagined in fantasy, giving them new life with the author’s creations. Due to its disregard for reality norms, the genre can incorporate contemporary elements while retaining its status as fantasy instead of science fiction. Melissa Rea‘s Conjuring Casanova is an excellent example of a fantasy romance with time-traveling pieces that mix the past and the present.

3. Intricate and Excellent World Building

The construction of fantasy worlds is more extensive and intricate than nearly any other genre. Fantasy stories must invent their world because it is not their basis.

It is the author’s responsibility to explain what is happening in the novel, whether through the old magic that runs through the protagonist’s veins, gorgeous creatures that roam across the sky, or rival nations with a general hatred for one another. Sometimes, the author must also explain what came before and after.

To adequately appreciate the foreign universe, which before the writing of the essay was merely within the author’s head, readers must be given enough background information.

4. Limitless Potential to Generate Stories

Since the limitations of reality don’t bind fantasy, the genre has the potential to continue growing and expanding in ways any person would expect. In the real world, corners and boundaries can be found anywhere. But with fantasy romance universes, things are constantly evolving, growing non-stop, and ever-reaching.

Although science fiction and fantasy are often mixed, a significant disparity between the two is that science fiction is based on what is possible inside the domain of scientific theory. On the other hand, fantasy doesn’t have to follow the rules of scientific realities.

This enables the author to expand their fantasy world by adding new components that still work inside the setting.

Fantasy romance is a genre that everyone should give it a try. You can start by reading Melissa Rea‘s Rabbithole (Nights of Alice) and have a great time.

Grab a copy of your Rabbithole (Nights of Alice) by clicking here, and check out other works of Melissa Rea!


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