From Bitter to Better by Jacqueline Goodwin

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Journey from Darkness to Healing: Introducing the RAP Method

Meet Jacqueline Goodwin, Author of “From Bitter to Better”

My book, “From Bitter to Better”  is a heartfelt guide detailing the journey from the depths of darkness to the liberating light of healing and transformation. It chronicles how our Heavenly Father, with boundless grace. Lifted me from a deep, dark hole filled with bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, and hate.

This transformation wasn’t instantaneous; it was a gradual, profound journey. Through the book, I introduce the RAP (Reflect, Act, & Pray)  method, a step-by-step process designed to help readers climb out of their bitter dark holes and move towards a better state, establishing a solid foundation in Jesus Christ. The book is filled with affirmations and practical applications to support readers on their healing journey.

Sharing Hope: From Personal Pain to Divine Purpose

The inspiration for writing this book came from my own experiences of hurt and pain. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I felt a compelling urge to share my story, the divine intervention that saved me. My journey from darkness to light was not just about personal healing but also about becoming a vessel through which God can bring healing to others. Witnessing the transformative power of God’s grace in my life, I was moved to create a resource that could offer hope, guidance, and a path to healing for others who might be struggling in their dark holes.

Finding Light in Darkness: A Path to Spiritual Healing

The book is targeted toward individuals who find themselves in a place of emotional or spiritual darkness, feeling trapped by bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, or hate. It is for those who are seeking a way out and are open to discovering the healing power of faith in Jesus Christ. Whether they are new believers, long-time followers of Christ, or individuals curious about exploring faith as a means to heal, this book is for anyone yearning for a transformation in their lives.

Empowering Transformation: Healing Through Faith and Reflection

I hope that readers will find solace, inspiration, and a clear path to healing within the pages of my book. By following the RAP method and engaging with the affirmations and applications. I want readers to experience a profound transformation, moving from a state of darkness to one of light and hope.

I aim for them to discover a solid foundation in Jesus Christ. Which will support their ongoing journey toward emotional and spiritual wellness. Ultimately, I hope that readers will not only heal but also become vessels through which God’s love and healing can flow into the lives of others.

Expanding Hope: Workshops, Support, and Global Impact

Looking ahead, I plan to expand the reach of the book to touch as many lives as possible on the Author’s Lounge platform and beyond. I envision workshops, seminars, and support groups based on the principles outlined in the book, providing a community for individuals to share their journeys and support one another.

Additionally, I aim to create companion resources, such as workbooks and online courses. To guide readers through their healing process further. My ultimate goal is to see this message of hope and healing resonate across nations. Helping countless individuals find their way out of darkness and into the transformative light of God’s love.

Healing and Empowerment: A Pastor’s Journey of Transformation

I am the pastor of Healing in the Vessel International Ministries. A coach, and an Amazon best-selling author based in South Carolina. I’m deeply passionate about healing and transformation, have dedicated my life to guiding others out of emotional and spiritual darkness.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I find solace in activities such as running, walking, meditation, and writing. I also actively counsel youth and women, providing them with the support and guidance they need. Known for my compassionate and empowering approach, I continue to inspire and uplift those around me. Making a profound impact locally and beyond.

You can visit my website and check out my book available on amazon.


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