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Hello Author’s Lounge readers! Charley here to bring you my latest release in the Fates & Mates series.

A paranormal romance, Forbidden Fates picks up the storyline where it left off in For Love or Fate but from the point of view of the young adult children who are now in a rather precarious situation thanks to the choices of their parents as well as the fate determined by the Moon Goddess herself. While their Lycan heritage mandates they only have one fated mate, the brothers find themselves grappling with the possibility of competing with each other for the one they have loved since childhood playing in the woods together. 

Who will you root for?

Tris, the older Alpha who has made no secret regarding his feelings for Ryn, the female Alpha in training to take over her mother’s legacy?  Or will you be #TeamTru, the younger brother who has played by the rules and been the silent, supportive one? What if the Moon Goddess has other plans for all three of them? The duality of yin and yang meets the conductor to harness and stream energy in unfathomable ways for the greater good of mankind. Ryn discovers her lifeforce energy comes from deep within and that her fate is not contingent on societal norms but on what serves the universe. 

I was inspired to write this book from the viewpoint of the children because, so often, children get intertwined in the choices of their parents.

Then, as young adults, they must navigate their feelings surrounding those choices, but ultimately do what is best for themselves irrespective of those parental choices. It’s the story of a young woman discovering her inner power, rejecting dependence on the Alpha men in her life to save her, then uniting with them as teammates whose destiny interconnects to serve a higher purpose.  

I want readers to find my book entertaining and enjoyable but, ultimately, I hope this book inspires readers to find their own inner power, analyzing those around them to determine whether their energy elevates them or is toxic to them. I want the reader to dig deep, like Ryn, finding their inner power while rising above societal constraints to realize their full potential. The reader should understand that it’s okay to have assistance in that ascension and come to realize their greater purpose. My tag line is “Transcend. Your destiny awaits.” Maybe they won’t come to that realization in a 60,000-word novel but I hope, by the end, I planted the seed or maybe watered it. 

My target audience for this book is anyone18+ who loves paranormal, romance, or stories that reveal our evolution as our consciousness expands.

This is the second book of an intended seven-book series with the ultimate dream being a movie or TV series. Transcendence and ascension to higher dimensions are topics that drive people’s curiosity and would make a great paranormal film or TV series. I love threading bits of factual information throughout my stories so if the reader is so inclined to do a bit of pulling on the thread, they may find something useful, like when I refer to Kundalini or meditation in Forbidden Fates. Or name a favorite winery, or restaurant. I spend a lot of hours researching and often end up going down rabbit holes, but I love to learn and I think it adds authenticity to the story. When you write paranormal you are creating the world, so throwing some real-life places or people in there makes it more believable to the readers.

One last side note, my daughters are a huge inspiration.

Many of the characteristics of my heroines are taken from their own personalities. The map at the beginning of my books of the world was drawn by one daughter and another daughter helps me manage my social media. Since I have playlists in addition to the social media accounts, I’ve found the easiest link for people to find what they are most interested in is on my link tree at Linktree I am a self-published author distributed widely through all major retailers. You can sign up for my blog or learn more at My Website


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