Five Books That Will Put an End to Your Overthinking Habits

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For overthinkers, life can feel as if you’re stuck in rush-hour. Every car on the road are stuck in traffic clogging the path to our destination. This tangle of thoughts can turn your life from a world of endless opportunities to a chaotic scramble. The little voice inside our head gets in our way, continually barraging our mind with negative thoughts, past mistakes, and predictions. Life could have been easier but it makes it hard for us. Luckily, we’re not alone in this turmoil. There are people who are willing to share their experience and words of wisdom into ink to help you get out of that overthinking maze. So, without further ado, here’s some books to help combat your overthinking habits.

Reclaim Your Brain by Joseph Annibali, M.D.

A renegade of negative thoughts have taking your brain and life hostage. But worry no more, Dr. Joseph Annibali’s Reclaim Your Brain will save you from this turmoil of overthinking habits. He’ll bust you out through his words and over three decades worth of experience. Through the series of methodical explanation and in-depth exploration, you’ll heal your mind and bring your life back under control. Join Dr. Annibali’s exploration on how imbalances in the brain can lead to overthinking. His time-honed techniques will soon improve your cognition, balance, and focus in this chaotic world. Moreover, this book not only focuses on overthinking but also with OCD, depression, bipolar, and anxiety. Reclaim Your Brain is practical, ensuring incredible results.

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Philosophy helped shaped the world and more. Philosophy has an enduring value for the development of human thought. It was not long ago that philosophy has defined anything and everything. Now, philosophy serves a purpose yet again. Michael A. Singer uses philosophy to help stop overthinking in his book The Untethered Soul. Although there’s a difference between Western and Eastern philosophy, Singer uses both to achieve both philosophies’ goal: to help you live better and reduce your overthinking habits. This book will bring you in a journey to discovery and transformation of your relationship with yourself and mind. A great book for a skeptical, practical, and open-minded readers.

Healing the Wounded Soul: Taking Every Thought Captive by Dr. Arline Westmeier

This barrage of negative thoughts plagues us every now and then. It seems that we can’t get these obsessive thoughts out of our head. Fortunately, Dr. Arline Westmeier uncover how to heal mind, brain, and body using biblical approaches and God’s thoughts. Her commitment to Jesus made her take on a mission to help heal the sick, mentally and emotionally, through this book. Dr. Arline’s book volume 3 Taking Every Thought Captive is short, on point, and highly practical. Dr. Westmeier does a great job presenting practical and biblical ways to freeing yourself from obsessive thoughts. Healing the Wounded Soul consists of four volumes exploring topics that anyone is going through at present.  

Rewire: Change Your Brain by Richard O’Connor

From the author of Undoing Depression, Richard O’Connor now explores the relation of overthinking and the mind in Rewire: Change Your Brain. In this book, he offers another revolutionary concepts to help control overthinking tendencies. He expands the ideas from the former books to show how the brain works and how to train it to ignore obsessive thoughts. Rewire provides a roadmap to stopping the most common self-destructive habits, this includes, procrastination, excessive worrying, internet addiction, among others. Another thing O’Connor offers are valuable skills necessary to building a more successful, productive, and happy life.

Clear Your Mind by Steven Schuster

Being endlessly overwhelmed by thoughts will leave anyone in chaos and disorder. Progress will be slow. Every day is filled with anxiety. Anyone would want clarity and peace of mind over the aforementioned. Hence, Steven Schuster published Clear Your Mind to help you deal with the barrier to a better life: your thoughts. Through the book, you’ll find solution to understanding thoughts, organizing them, and attaching the appropriate action to them. In the end, you’ll discover that life isn’t complicated than what we’re made to think. And Clear Your Mind will help you discover why.

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