From Science to Spirituality: Finding the Right Mindset

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Science and spirituality are two fundamental forces that complement each other to equip us with the right mindset.

The mind is a very powerful thing. What it conceives almost always takes form. The body executes what the mind wants or dares to. Mindset is defined by Oxford as ‘An attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.’

Wikipedia, on the other hand, notes, 

“In decision theory and general systems theory, a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.”

And having the right mindset can certainly take us to marvelous places and help us achieved our desired goals. The right mindset, perspective, or outlook is often credited as one of the key components for success and healthy living.

Each and everyone adapts to a certain mindset. No one is free of mindsets from science or spirituality, and even declaring to have no mindset at all is in itself a mindset.

There are two types of mindset. The first is what we call a fixed mindset, or the belief that talents, traits, and other basic qualities are natural and cannot be changed. The other one is the growth mindset. In the growth mindset, there is that belief that the basic qualities, including talent, traits, characters, and even dispositions or outlook, can be developed through hard work, practice, and conditioning. People with a growth mindset believes in the power of learning and in the ability of individuals, group, or group of people to adapt to changes in order to reach a goal or set of goals.

Unlearning / ReLearning of Things

Two of the most fundamental mindsets often in conflict are between science and spirituality (represented mainly by organized religions) and has resulted in many polarizing views. However, in recent years the ancient wall that’s dividing science and spirituality is slowly being dismantled by forces in literature, art, tradition, and even by church people and scientists themselves. The past decades have shown us that science and religion can work hand in hand for the benefit of seeking knowledge, truth, and understanding. Today there are numerous proofs, results, and ongoing efforts that showcase science and spirituality’s finest moments together. The key to this new mindset, this merger of two once-opposing institutions, is looking at things from a new perspective. Physicist, medium, and spiritual healer Neil Griffen is the author of the groundbreaking work, From Science to Spirituality. He explains that in order for us to embrace science and spirituality as forces that can complement each other, we must first discard our preconceived notions about science, religions, and spirituality in general. This sort of unlearning and relearning of things can only be done if you have a growth mindset.

Science and Spirituality Networks

The conflict between science and religion has been going on for hundreds of years, and it is wired to our brain that experts say when we display our belief or affirmation towards one aspect or network, our brain suppresses the other. For example, if we are leaning towards a more religious or spiritual mindset, our mind tends to discard or block analytical thinking or scientific proofs.

“Far from always conflicting with science, under the right circumstances, religious belief may positively promote scientific creativity and insight. Many of history’s most famous scientists were spiritual or religious. Those noted individuals were intellectually sophisticated enough to see that there is no need for religion and science to come into conflict.” – Tony Jack, Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve

Today, clinical and lab experiments by various institutions of science point out that the historical conflict between these science and spirituality greatly contribute to our brain having two different networks. But recent studies also show that these two networks can meet in the middle, if not actually work together instead of shutting one another. The meeting of these two fundamental networks may hold the key to our better understanding of life’s many mysteries and the meaning of life itself, just as Neil Griffen hopes to all his readers.

To know more about Neil Griffen’s works, grab a copy of his book From Science to Spirituality, or visit his website today.


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