Deleting Files Written by Yvetta D. Franklin

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Article:  Deleting Files

Written by Yvetta D. Franklin

Dina the main character suffers horrific happenings in her tender growing up years. How she manages her life while concealing dark ugly secrets is incomprehensible. Dina is taught to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” yet she senses no one seems to love her…

Secret after secret is eventually disclosed through a series of shocking events. The characters are colorful, capricious captivating, culpable, yet compassionate!

This story was written from the depths of my heart. It’s my hope Deleting Files will heal hurts for countless injured victims;

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your circumstances have been, are currently or will be, you can overcome!!! Learn what happens on the journey of Dina’s life.

Deleting files By Yvetta Franklin


Yvetta D. Franklin was born and raised in Chicago Il. With a head full of curly red hair, she was affectionately coined the tender middle name “Doll.”

Yvetta has always loved creating stories. Her mother often commented, “You have a terrific imagination.” After completing college Yvetta initially worked in the Insurance industry, while her heart resided in education.

Thusly Yvetta became a teacher. While teaching she ignited and excited her students to learn. She entered a classroom with high expectations knowing her students would rise to the occasion. Yvetta has been the topic in several local newspapers and The California Educator Magazine for making wonderful connections with her students and flavoring her class with humor.

Yvetta has been nominated and included in Who’s Who Among Teachers in America two years consecutively. These nominations can only come from prior elementary students who are now college students on the Dean’s List of their universities.

Yvetta (aka Doll) now spends her time trading chalk for pens. She writes. She loves teaching and wants to help youth learn effective communication skills and to slow down in their judgments. Yvetta has one daughter, Stephanie whom she loves to pieces.

Books by Yvetta

  • The Code Switch (co-authored)
  • Deleting Files
  • Switch-A-Roo, Who Are You?


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