Dancing in the Rain by Jackie

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In a world where nothing is guaranteed, change has its agenda, and storms come at the most inopportune time, sometimes we find success by taking shelter, and sometimes we find it by dancing in the rain.

That’s right; sometimes, we can’t escape life’s storms. And when relief doesn’t come as quickly as we expect, we can give in and give up, allowing the battering storms to destroy our hopes and dreams. Or we can strengthen our resolve and, instead of standing still, ride with the storm, climb every wave, and relish the vitality of the water, believing and preparing for the rainbow that will surely come after the storm. These points influenced the storylines I share in my novella, Dancing in the Rain.

Dancing in the Rain

uses specific contemporary real-life occurrences such as blended families, work-life balance, and broken relationships to engage readers in finding joy in challenging times. These scenarios are raw, relatable, and passionate, relaying heartfelt and familiar experiences. The book weaves a captivating story of the complexities, traumas, and challenges many face daily. So, it is intended as a conversation starter for readers of the “Author’s Lounge,” book club members, and participants in support groups to initiate a dialogue that may provide comfort, empathy, understanding, connection, direction, or simply a forum or a listening ear to help us release the weight of these challenges.

The pressures we deal with every day can drain our energy, taint our beliefs, and destroy our connection with each other. As the reading audience wades through Dancing in the Rain, I hope that they will not merely focus on the impact of life’s demands and stresses told in the story. Ideally, I hope reading this novella will spur introspection and retrospection in every reader.  Why do I think these actions are essential? Examining our thoughts and feelings and reviewing past experiences, choices, and behaviors are courageous and decisive steps toward self-awareness and self-care that will serve us well in the storm.

Self-awareness takes work

It does not come naturally. It requires identifying our strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging our personal beliefs and emotions, and finding our sources of motivation. Putting in the work to develop self-awareness begins the path to developing and executing a self-care plan. Self-care is not a selfish act nor an act of self-indulgence – it is attending to and maintaining one’s well-being. Defining behaviors that will help us to stay fit physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially are necessary to build and bolster our ability to function well under pressure and withstand the complications and struggles we will encounter during our life’s journey.

The plot and subplots (blended families, work-life balance, broken relationships) I write about in my novella are a few examples of critical stressors related to the demands and expectations of our daily lives that warrant self-care. The pace of life, juggling work requirements, delivering on family expectations, and fostering healthy relationships are heavy loads to bear. While self-care is not the cure for the life circumstances, events, and situations we must deal with. Self-care is a practical, helpful, and necessary tool for daily living. It strengthens and prepares us to face difficulties by better equipping us to manage stress and foster resilience And resilience is the key point that I hope emerges for all who read,

 Dancing in the Rain

Ultimately, I hope readers find that this is more than a novella about navigating contemporary life challenges.  My desire is that Dancing in the Rain encourages readers’ self-reflection and self-evaluation, leading to restoration through resilient behaviors. Then, the true intent of the story will be realized as readers are not only encouraged but take action to reconcile the past, reframe the present, and rehearse the future, preparing for their rainbows after Dancing in the Rain.


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