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This is my latest book and a brand-new series.

What’s This One About? Who is Culpepper, Texas Bounty Hunter, and where has he come from? What connects his past to the outlaw Harry Flynn and the kidnapping of one of the wealthiest men in America? The friend of the president himself, Hugo Mulberry. And is everything and everyone quite how they are being portrayed?

It is building great momentum and the response has so far been excellent!

Readers beware, this new bounty hunter adventure from Gary Diamond will take you back to the Old West and give you a riveting ride all the way through to the last page. Diamond knows bounty hunters, and he has given this new adventure, “Culpepper Bounty Hunter,” his all. I look forward to the next adventure from Gary Diamond– it’s a good’un. Paul L. Thompson – Bestselling author of “U.S. Marshal: Shorty Thompson”

Culpepper Texas Bounty Hunter is my 9th book, and the first in the Culpepper series. It is a bounty hunter story with a difference. There is a mystery surrounding the identity of Culpepper, and where he has actually come from. In book 1, not only will you discover who he is, but you will also find, that it is better not to cross him.

I have written 8 other books, including the Parthena Trilogy, the first two books in the ‘A Fool’s Quest To Moon Water Trilogy, and my ongoing Abraham and Lincoln whodunnit series, where there are currently 3 books available and more to follow.

Culpepper is different from the others, in the respect that it has more of a traditional Western foundation, but with mystery and intrigue, with quite a few twists and turns along the way. I also wanted to create a younger main character, although the target audience for Culpepper Texas Bounty Hunter is endless. There will always be regular and new characters in each book and Culpepper slowly develops into so much more than just a bounty hunter.

I simply love writing Culpepper Texas Bounty Hunter and there will be many Culpepper books to come. It will always be good to read them in order, to get the best out of them.

Available in Kindle (E-Book), Paperback, and now Hardback, on Amazon.

Culpepper Texas Bounty Hunter – Book 2, is currently underway and due out hopefully in July, if not before.

The momentum is building strongly for Culpepper, and I plan this to be a long series. There will also be a fourth book in my Abraham and Lincoln Western Whodunnit series in the near future and the concluding book of ‘A Fool’s Quest To Moon Water ‘Trilogy. So much going on and each series are different.

So far, I have the following available on Amazon in Kindle (E-Book), and paperback.


Book 1 – The Beginning.

Book 2 – The Legacy of Parthena

Book 3 – The Taking of Parthena.

The Parthena series connects the Wild West of Wyoming to Victorian London, and the Jack The Ripper murders.


Book 1 – The Murder Of Seth Maddison

Book 2 – The Texan

Book 3 – Stagecoach To the Past

Surly they must be the most unlikely double act ever.

Abraham Ziberman – Originally from Poland, an ex-detective from London’s Scotland Yard.

Sheriff Lincoln Lane – A fast-gun sheriff from the town of Winchester Flats.

Whodunnit mysteries and Western adventures combined.


Book 1 – A Fool’s Quest To Moon Water

Book 2 – A Fool’s Quest To Moon Water – The Captives Gold

Moon Water is a legendary Apache encampment, where gold is stored and white captives are held.

Only one white man has ever been allowed to leave Moon Water alive, and now he is going back. But not for the gold.

Who will survive, A Fool’s Quest To Moon Water?

As you can see I am a very active 67-year young author, married to my exceptionally understanding wife, with two beautiful daughters and three fabulous grandchildren.


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