Constelis Voss Series by K. Leigh

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Let’s talk about this business of cyberpunk written by K. Leigh, the social order, and writing worlds that ask big questions.

All fiction genres can house transformative work. But no genre is more uniquely tailored to transformative literary experiences than cyberpunk, and that’s the genre my work finds a comfortable home.

What is CONSTELIS VOSS all about?

The conveniently evil villain of CONSTELIS VOSS, Tyr.
The conveniently evil villain of CONSTELIS VOSS, Tyr, making a symbolic mess.

CONSTELIS VOSS vol. 1 — COLOUR THEORY begins on the dystopian spaceship—aptly named CONSTELIS VOSS. An android gets a 90s-era persona file as a sloppy last-ditch effort to patch him up. Alex is born the only robot to remember being human. He’s also the only war machine of his genus. Moreover, he’s entirely broken.

“New” friends. A dictator with a stolen face. Rebellion. Coincidences. Memories. What does it all mean, and can humanity survive a war spurred by an unstable android? Only time will tell.

In the second installment (CONSTELIS VOSS vol. 2 — PATTERN RECOGNITION), the conveniently evil dictator Tyr starts on the hunt for the rebels. Alex rallied. After that, the rebels find a new ally in the last person any of them wants to remember.

They gain fantastical powers, and the mystery at the heart of it all takes shape—but who’s the one pulling the strings?

The themes come together in stunning technicolor in the final installment, titled CONSTELIS VOSS vol. 3 — REFORMAT. Flanked on all sides, can the heroes own their powers and overcome all odds? Or will they be stuck in the perpetual loop of a dying machine? 

For this volume, readers are asked two deliberate questions: What if saving the world meant becoming the villain and ruining the lives of everyone you’ve ever loved? Would you do it? That’s where the cyberpunk genre truly shines. It’s in the challenging of social orders and the posing of questions with personal answers. No one can answer these save you, and that’s transformative literature in action.

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What inspired K Leigh to write this series?

Alex, "protagonist" of CONSTELIS VOSS.
Alex, “protagonist” of CONSTELIS VOSS.

To make it brief, dislodging my own garbage-in garbage-out data, my art education background, 90s anime like Ghost in the Shell, serial experiments: lain and AKIRA, as well as novels like Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. K Leigh wanted to write what she didn’t see: something smart, irreverent, funny, adult, and completely wild.

Reader reviews suggest I succeeded; “Asimov, but make it anime” is a huge compliment.

Which audience would love CONSTELIS VOSS?

Diana of CONSTELIS VOSS looking lovely in Indigo.

CONSTELIS VOSS is certainly for adults and not generally YA readers. It’s certainly for queer people with a little chaos in their blood. It’s certainly for technical nerds and anime fans. But it’s only for people who like stories that can be read in many ways during multiple readings. I’m not personally sure how you target the philosophical reader who likes easy-to-read action with a lot to say, but that’s who would love it.

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What do I hope readers get out of the story?

Vox of CONSTELIS VOSS showing off her great sense of style.
Vox of CONSTELIS VOSS showing off her great sense of style.

At a basic level, empathy. I want readers to engage with a work that asks them to form their own opinions. But those opinions should find their home in empathy. A happy ending can happen for all of us, even through chaos. This requires love for yourself and love for those like and unlike you. That’s what I hope readers get from the work.

What are my future plans for the series?

INDIGO VOSS—release date TBD, slated mid 2022—by K. Leigh.
INDIGO VOSS—release date TBD, slated mid 2022—by K Leigh.

My goal is to refresh themes and reframe concepts continually. As much as CONSTELIS VOSS is written for easy reading and vicious analysis, it’s also written with transformative art-making in mind. I have seven backstory novels planned—one for each character—written from their first-person perspective. This affords the ability to challenge the trilogy outright. Personal perspectives that critique what was already made. I also have some comedy books planned and a sequel. I’m just getting started.

Connect with me on Twitter and let’s talk about cyberpunking society.

Who is K Leigh exactly?

K Leigh is a bi-trans man, 34-year-old once-painter, sometimes-freelancer, and artist living in Providence, RI. They write hopeful/tragic LGBT+ stories full of funny/horrible characters. For hobbies, K Leigh makes art like breathing, plays way too many video games, and they might even believe that art can change the world if you do it right.

That’s a nice blurb, but I’m basically just a nerd.

A nerd who wants to write transformative fiction that’s as smart as it is entertaining. Thank you so much, Authors’ Lounge, for letting me shine a spotlight on that concept. We need more work like this, so I aim to make it eternally.


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