Confessions Under Cratered Moons

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I would first and foremost like to thank the Author’s Lounge for the opportunity to present my second poetry collection, Confessions Under Cratered Moons.  I appreciate the invitation and acknowledgment.

Confessions Under Cratered Moons is a 163-page poetry collection in the throes of recovering from alcohol addiction. Each page contains deep, thought-provoking poems using an eclectic free-form and rhymed poetry style. The poetry is based on my experiences of love, loss, hope, strength, sex, and desire. If one word could summarize Confessions, it would be “passionate.” I embraced my flawed nature, struggles, and strength by putting them on paper.

The Journey To Confessions Under Cratered Moons

I began writing in my teens and have written off and on since. Poetry always drew me in. But I was overwhelmed because I felt that if I didn’t write in a certain style, it wasn’t “good poetry.” I saw poets like Tennyson, Neruda, and Whitman and felt my style would never match their superb skill. In July of 2022, I went into recovery from alcohol addiction. I began to write poetry again to distract myself from the cravings during detox and to cope with the flood of emotions I had pushed down for several years with heavy alcohol consumption. Putting my poetry out into the world has been instrumental in my healing and recovery.

Originally, when I began writing again, I had no particular audience in mind. The thought of putting my work into the world never crossed my mind, much less going through the process of publishing a book. As my writing began to blossom and my style began to form fully, I chose to make the bravest leap in my life to put my work into the hands of the public. I published my debut book, Eclectic Poetry, by Whitney as a stepping stone, followed shortly by Confessions Under Cratered Moons as the mountain I climb. My target audience would be mature adults, as some of the themes are more intense and adult in subject and wording.

Currently, my books have reached three countries in the span of two months and have received raving reviews. It has been the most vulnerable, humbling experience in my life. Knowing my words have resonated near and far, knowing that my work is relatable, and inspiring others across the world is more than I could have ever dreamed.

About the Book

Confessions Under Cratered Moons covers topics such as love, life, loss, hope, and strength. I also dive deeper into more intense and sensitive topics, such as addiction, eating disorders, domestic violence, and suicidal ideation. All poems are written in beautiful wordplay and layered metaphor, but not so abstract that those new to poetry do not find it appealing. I write about the shared human experience we all face, emotions so raw it has brought readers to tears. I also left blank pages in the back of the book for readers to write their thoughts, impressions, or poetry.

Self-publishing is not an easy route, as it requires the writer to be both the writer and the marketer. While my ultimate goal is not profit, I hope to see my book reach a wider audience. The more hands that hold my book, the louder my message gets. I hope to reach even more countries and hearts across the world. I have one poem accepted into an anthology published by Wingless Dreamer, titled “Oh, how I wish it would rain!”

There is no greater joy in my life than poetry. Writing Confessions Under Cratered Moons saved my life and gave me the strength and hope to overcome addiction and learn to live fully again. Every page displays my heart’s rhythm, and I hope you will consider purchasing a copy to hear for yourself. It is available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle Unlimited.

I can be found on Twitter: @ Eclectic_Poetry and on Instagram: Whitney_has_words


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