Colorful Picture Books You Can Give to Kids This Christmas

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ReadersMagnet compiles the top five colorful children’s books to give this Christmas.

It’s that ‘wonderful time of the year’ once again. And as early as now, you might be wondering what to gift your kids this holiday season. While toys and clothing are great gifts, books are practical and relatively cheap. ReadersMagnet came up with a list of colorful children’s books you can present your kids this Christmas. Hope you like it.

Just Like Me by Vanessa Newton

Published just this year, Vanessa Brantley-Newton’s poetry book is also filled with vibrant illustrations and colorful patterns. This is a nice gift for young girls as the book features mainly stories about and for girls. Just like me is a collection of short stories about different kinds of girls: happy, sad, scared, empowered, conscious girls, country girls, and many other types. As a writer and illustrator, Newton presents another powerful work apart from her early work Grandma’s Purse. While the book Just Like Me is more of a gift for young girls, this is still among our top five gifts for this season. 

Children’s Books by Gabriella Eva Nagy

Gabriella Eva Nagy is a writer and a professional illustrator. She has published over a dozen children’s illustration books over a span of ten years. Some of her famous works include Enchanted Rainbows, Lady, Lady, Ladybug, The Dancing Butterflies, and Starlight Lullaby. She also released a volume on four seasons with each season featured in a single, stand-alone book. Gabriella Eva Nagy books are known for their vibrant, shiny, and colorful illustrations that feature landscapes, butterflies, animals, rainbows, and nature. Without a doubt, any of these Gabriella Eva Nagy books are a perfect gift for toddlers and young readers.

The Wolf’s Secret by Myriam Dahman and Nicolas Digard

While The Wolf’s Secret is an extraordinary narrative by Myriam Dahman and Nicolas Digard, the main reason why this book made it on our list is Júlia Sardà’s amazing illustrations. From the subject to its background, every page is sure to entice young readers and fuel their imagination. The Wolf’s Secret follows the story of a wolf living in a forest. He is haunted by another creature living nearby: a girl whose beautiful voice has entranced him. The Wolf’s Secret is a wonderful gift for young readers, especially with its hardbound, gold foil detail. And yes, the drawing itself is totally worth it.

Tomorrow I’ll be Kind by Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische’s Tomorrow I’ll be Kind is a bedtime storybook published in 2018. It is a sequel to her earlier work Tomorrow I’ll be Brave, Jessica Hische is an award-winning illustrator and in this book not only does she present her storytelling skills, but also her amazing talent for hand-lettering and drawing. Tomorrow I’ll be Kind is a great gift for children ages 3-5. The book features lessons on positivity, hope, and being a kind-hearted person. Hische’s masterpiece teaches young readers the importance of a kind gesture and how it can make a difference to the people around you. This is definitely a timely present this holiday season.

Meet the Planets by Caryl Hart

Who doesn’t love adventures? If there’s one type of children’s literature that kids really dig, it’s an adventure book. And what better gift to give them than a space adventure book. Meet the Planets is a 2020 illustrated book about outer space and planets. Aboard a space rocket, Carl Hart takes us on a journey far away to meet all the planets of the solar system. From the shimmering Saturn to the red-hot Mars, Carl Hart uses wonderful rhymes and awesome illustrations by Bethan Woollvin to make every page truly a memorable read. Meet the Planets is no doubt the perfect gift for adventure-seekers this Christmas.


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