Nature and Wildlife Books You Can Give as Presents this Christmas

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Nature and wildlife books remind us why the outdoors are excellent, making them great Christmas gifts.

The year is almost over, and sadly, many of us were not able to fully enjoy the outdoors because of the pandemic. For hunters and travelers, this has not been a good year, and many are anxiously gearing up for the next great adventure. While waiting for that to happen, ReadersMagnet made a list of fantastic nature and wildlife books you can give or enjoy this holiday season.

Wild Encounters by David Yarrow

One of the greatest gifts you can give this Christmas is David Yarrow’s 2016 hardcover book Wild Encounters: Iconic Photographs of the World’s Vanishing Animals and Cultures. Be captivated by the magnificence and wonder of the wild as David Yarrow shares photographs of his pole to pole travels and visits to primordial rain forests, remote villages, vast deserts, and his encounters with wildlife creatures including lions, elephants, tigers, polar bears, and many more. Covering six continents, David Yarrow’s Wild Encounters takes us to different cultures, peoples, scenery, and extraordinary moments in human life. With over 160 stunning photographs, this amazing book is truly a marvelous gift to give this Christmas.

Wildlife Photography by Jack Ballard

Who doesn’t love photography books? For wildlife enthusiasts and those who love taking pictures of nature’s wild beauty, Jack Ballard’s Wildlife Photography: Proven Techniques for Capturing Stunning Digital Images. Hunting and trapping are not exclusive to animals. They can also mean shooting for great spots and capturing majestic sceneries with your digital camera. Wildlife Photography is a great gift for hikers, bikers, climbers, and all sorts of wildlife adventurers. Learn basic tricks and professional methods of outdoor photography as well as tips on camera equipment. More importantly, discover how to shoot your favorite animals using your digital camera. Wildlife Photography is an excellent company while camping in the wild and waiting for your target prey.

World of Hunting and Fishing by Mike Honeycutt

Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing is perhaps the perfect gift for hunters and trappers this Christmas. Mike Honeycutt is a seasoned hunter and traveler. In his 2018 book, Mike shares his journeys and trips abroad covering all seven continents. Mike’s travelogue features his passion for traveling the world, hunting, fishing, and searching for exotic animal species. But the game is not the only thing that Mike is passionate about. He also shares his encounters with different people, their communities, their culture, and the beautiful sceneries. One highlight is the exciting outdoor adventure of Mike Honeycutt in Mongolia, Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing is filled with adventures and discoveries from start to finish. It is a book that all outdoor and travel lovers will truly appreciate and read repeatedly.

The Mountain Men by George Laycock

More than 30 years since its publication, George Laycock’s The Mountain Men remains one of the remarkable works about the wildlife of the great West. In this book, we get a closer picture of the extraordinary exploits of mountain men and real buckskin survivalist similar to Jeremiah Johnson. We also learn of beaver trappers of the river valleys and mountain ranges. They survive the wilderness with fish and game, as well as fighting or trading with the Native Americans. Filled with gripping stories, violent encounters, tales of survival, historical facts, profiles of famous individual trappers, Laycock’s Mountain Men is more than a wildlife book. It’s also about the lifestyle in the mountains.

Canadian Wild by Martin Hunter

Release a decade ago, Martin Hunter’s book is a compilation of stories about the Hudson’s Bay Company, Northern Indians, and their skills in hunting and trapping. Canadian Wild is composed of republished articles courtesy of Forest and Stream and Hunter-Trader-Trapper. It offers detailed accounts about the great Canadian wild and how the natives of the vast Northern wild hunted and survive through harsh conditions. Martin Hunter, who began working in the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1963 as a clerk and retired as a commissioned officer in 1903 (20 years), shares various modes of trapping and hunting he learned while taking part in excursions with the Indians as well as the stories they shared with him.


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