CAPITALISM vs SOCIALISM then the true way

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Let’s travel back in time for about 600 years. We are in North America. The beauty is beyond belief. There are snow-capped mountains, crystal clear streams cascading down from the mountains ending up in lakes and at times continuing on to the vast pure oceans. Lush, green meadows fill the valleys, beautiful forests with many kinds of trees are abundant, and there are plains heavy with grass that feed millions of buffalo. The wild life is plentiful and life there is good.

There were millions of American Indians living throughout the continent in those days. As a general rule, they were a peaceful people. (There were some warring tribes, but that was the exception rather than the rule) Their traditions went back hundreds of years. They worked together to survive. No one owned anything, but the land and it’s bounty was for everyone. The elder members of the villages were the teachers, spending much of their time with the children teaching them of their traditions. Mother’s and father’s both had to work hard to support themselves and their kin. If anyone rebelled or caused trouble, they were sent outside the village to think about what they’d done. If they could see their error and repent, they were welcomed back into the fold, but if not, they were permanently outcast.

Back in those days they had prophecies that predicted that one day pale faces would find their way to their land and in time would become very numerous. They were told that their way of life would greatly change and they would almost become extinct because they would die because of the diseases white man brought, they would be killed, scattered, driven, and end up in dire poverty, which they have, but also they were told that in the end they would come out victorious and they would be free again.

Now, let’s go to Spain and Columbus….that was the beginning, or rather the history we have now. The white man did come. Then because of the persecutions going on in England, many immigrants started sailing to America because they wanted to be free to worship as they pleased. They were a God fearing people who did not want to be harassed by King Henry the Eighth.. In the 1600’s they started migrating by the hundreds and started dividing up the land. They were deeding themselves huge plots of land…take William Penn for example. Pennsylvania was named for him he owned so much of it. Private ownership was unheard of by the Indians. They did not understand the pale face wanting land to themselves. It didn’t make sense to them. (Rolling Thunder, in a talk I heard him give said, “We were pretty stupid back then for not insisting on Passport and Visas.”) Of course his was kidding, but you can get his drift.

It was also prophesied that the white man would come to America and because it was free it would make it possible for the people to worship according the the dictates of their own consciences and they would not be persecuted. However, being free, meant that they could do what they wanted to become successful. Thus Capitalism was born. It gave people the opportunity to make it for themselves, or in other words become successful. Being successful means making money and making money gives those with the money power. Yes, capitalism is a good thing in ways, but where has it gotten us? Look at the environment. Look at the oceans and lake and rivers. Look at the forests. There are some people who do replant and care for the environment, but we have a long ways to go. Granted, there are people who care about each other, but I’d wager those are in the tiny minority. Our society has become one of dog eat dog. There are only two kinds of dogs …. those that eat and those that are eaten. What has become of the God fearing people who want to be here because they are free to worship as they please. Things have changed drastically from the original intent this land was meant for. Having said that, capitalism is a cut above socialism. If we think we have problems now, just wait until you see what socialism will do for you. The socialism we know now is now so radical that it breeds nothing but hate, greed, lust for wealth and power, which are products of the dark side. If we get socialism as it’s being touted now, it is that the Government will be God. We will all be slaves to the rich and powerful. They have been planning this for a long, long time. If you know the scriptures, you know that this is the end of an age. We do not have much time left and the only people who will survive this are those that really and truly do worship the only true God. He has made it very clear that he will destroy the wicked. The only reason I”m writing this blog is to hopefully help people become aware that there is a way out of this mess.

Christ will come again and those who love him and want to be with him will repent of anything they are doing wrong while there’s still time. Start reading your scriptures and going to him in prayer, confessing your sins and asking him for his help to do what’s right. This is very serious.

Now, when Christ comes again, he will come to what will be called the New Jerusalem. It will be very much like I explained at the first of this article. There will be no poor among them. They will all be equal. No one is any better than anyone else and everyone loves everyone else and does what they can to serve them in anyway they can. Everyone is working for the same purpose….to do the Lord’s work, which is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. We serve each other, we love each other and it is just one, big happy family. No one is there except that he/she wants to be there. There is total freedom, love, joy, kindness, gentleness, harmlessness, and peace. That sounds pretty darn good to me!


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