Called to His Ministry: Why Preachers Open Their Mouths

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Evangelize with Me by Ariston P. Awitan Jr., MD, is a compilation of works from charities and some important chapters of books that are called to His ministry. 

What drives preachers to speak, to offer themselves as vessels of meaning and direction? Why do they accept being called to His ministry? Why do they become conduits of belief, guidance, or even just fiery pronouncements? The answer is complex and multifaceted, woven from threads of faith, purpose, and passion.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.

– Mark 16:15

Called to His Ministry

For many, preaching is a direct response to deep spiritual conviction. It’s a calling as undeniable as a sunrise, a clear path laid out by Christ—as clear as their heart laid out in front of them. Preachers are compelled to share the truths they believe in, to illuminate the world with the light they’ve found. This sense of mission can be both humbling and powerful, fueling the fire of their words and pushing them to reach hearts beyond their own.

Faith alone isn’t always the spark. Those who are called to His ministry are driven by a deep-seated desire to guide others, to offer a map through life’s labyrinthine paths. This is because preachers themselves are guided by God. They may have witnessed suffering and injustice, seen lives adrift without anchors, and felt a powerful urge to intervene. Their sermons become beacons, offering solace, direction, and perhaps even solutions to the challenges their audience faces. They follow Christ and become shepherds, leading their flock toward a brighter and more meaningful future.

Preaching isn’t just about imparting knowledge of the Bible; it’s about igniting passions and opening hearts to Christ. The best preachers are gifted storytellers, weaving narratives that resonate with the deepest parts of their listeners. They paint vivid pictures with their words, evoke emotions with their eloquence, and challenge hearts with their convictions.

Why Preachers Open Their Mouths

At its core, preaching is an act of connection with both God and the community. It’s about building bridges between individuals and forging a sense of shared understanding and purpose under the guidance of Christ. Through their words, preachers create communities of belief, places where individuals can gather, find comfort in shared values, and strengthen their faith in themselves and each other. Preaching is the mortar that binds a community together.

Yet, the life of a preacher isn’t all a cakewalk. There are doubts and moments of introspection when the weight of responsibility is heavy, and the potential to stumble feels overwhelming, palpable even. Preachers are still human, prone to error and the inevitable backlash that comes with holding strong opinions. They juggle the expectations of their congregation, navigate internal conflicts, and constantly grapple with the question of whether their words reflect the mercy and love of God.

Despite the challenges, the act of preaching endures. It’s a testament to the human need for Christ that voices rise above the cacophony of daily life and offer a glimpse of something larger, something beyond ourselves. Whether it’s the fiery passion of a revivalist evangelist, the measured wisdom of a seasoned scholar, or the raw, personal testimony of someone who has walked through fire, preaching reminds us that we are not alone, that our lives have meaning, and that together, we might just find our way through the wilderness.

Evangelize with Me

Evangelize with Me by Ariston P. Awitan Jr., MD, is a compilation of works from charities and some important chapters of books that have the purpose of sharing the Gospel with the world. While most preachers spread the Good News on the pulpit, Dr. Awitan uses his writings to do so. Preachers are not only master orators but also wonderful wordsmiths.

Join them in their mission to reveal the Word of God across the world.


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