Being A Useful Tool in The Church and Serving with Purpose

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The church is a community, worship, and service place where people unite to grow spiritually and support one another.

Within the sacred spaces of the church, each member has the opportunity to be a valuable tool in the hands of God. They all contribute their unique gifts and talents to the more excellent ministry work. Moreover, we all possess exceptional skills and talents that were bestowed upon us by God. And to be a valuable tool in the church means acknowledging that our individual gifts can be used for God’s glory. Once we stabilize ourselves in terms of what we can do, aligning them with the church’s needs becomes easier.

Additionally, being a useful tool in the church requires one thing: having a servant’s heart. After all, Jesus taught us the importance of selfless service and humility. That’s why the book Servants Heart by Jamie Pulos-Fry imparts the invaluable wisdom of being the best volunteer that God wants us to be. We now have the opportunity to present ourselves as faithful servants because we can change the world for the better.

Wearing The Servant’s Heart On Our Sleeve

As servants of God, it’s automatic that we actively engage and participate in the church’s life. Attending services regularly, joining small groups or Bible studies, and participating in church events or activities should be a great start. Equipping ourselves by actively listening to sermons and applying those teachings in our daily lives is enough to enact our faithfulness to God. Deepening our spiritual growth is fundamental to being a useful tool in the church.

Besides spiritual growth as the foundation, we also need the willingness to learn continually. The church is a community of believers, and building our relationships with the members of Christ’s body is a sign that we are faithful servants of God. Reaching out to fellow church members, welcoming newcomers, and consistent fellowships are essential. We cannot have a servant’s heart alone; we need each other to fulfill God’s will.

Volunteering and Serving in The Church

There are tangible ways to be a useful tool in the church through volunteering and serving in various ministries. Assess your gifts and passions, and find areas where you can work effectively. It could be serving in worship, teaching Sunday school, or leading a small group. Another option is participating in ministries that focus on outreach programs or offering professional skills to support the church in multiple ways. Actively serving in the church aids your personal development and, most significantly, in the church.

Furthermore, being a useful tool in the church involves prayerful discernment. Always listen and seek God’s guidance and wisdom to best serve the church. You can start by praying for the church, its leaders, workers, and other specific needs. Let God lead you to avenues where your gifts and talents can significantly impact you.

The Special Calling of Being a Servant of God

Being a useful tool in the church for the furtherance of God’s glory is a privilege and a calling. Together, as valuable tools in the hands of God, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of others and further God’s Kingdom on Earth.

This calling is not only limited to those who are in established ministries. It extends to all who follow God wholeheartedly and live out their faith in obedience to His will. As servants of God, we are called to live the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. And as the ultimate servant leader, Christ demonstrated what it means to be a servant of God. We are called to imitate his example, serving others with the same love and grace He showed during His time here on Earth.


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