Book Feature: Visions and Dreams: Are They Communication from God, or Just Us?

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What are visions and dreams? Are these visions and dreams trying to tell us something, something that’s about to happen in real life? Are visions and dreams meant to be interpreted? Or, are these visions and dreams signs that God is trying to communicate with the human being? Visions and Dreams: Are They Communication from God, or Just Us on Ken Powe’s book sought to answer these questions that have been echoed throughout history, and as man seeks to understand and find the answer to life through visions and dreams. 

Ken Powe’s book is a powerful depiction of how men use visions and dreams to solve life’s mysteries and men’s unending thirst and search for God. The book goes through the descriptions of dreams and visions from both a scientific and spiritual-based perspective. It goes on and distinguishes the differences between a dreamer and a visionary. The author also touches on the two powerful themes that are shared by all religions and cultures: the theme of divine origin and the theme of the human soul.

Bordering on prophecy, some cultures use visions and dreams as a source of answers to life questions or as directions or decisions that that particular culture or group of people needed to make. Like looking into the future, this is often practiced by some native tribes or indigenous groups who are faced with some sort of significant problem that could affect their group’s existence. They look towards visions and dreams as signs coming from their ancestors who are guiding them on which path to thread on or which decision to make. 

Science, of course, has always been involved in the research and study of why human beings dream and what the meaning of vision is from a scientific and logical point of view. Although the science on this study is not yet considered as an exact science, research and investigation are still ongoing for the quest to answer the question and the debate on what makes a human dream. Neuropsychology explains that dreams, aside from not meaning anything significant at all, are just electric stimulated brain impulses that pull random imagery from past experiences. Meaning, it is ultimately the human who constructs the story of their dreams. Of course, with man’s natural inclination to curiosity, the man then seeks to find answers in all aspects, which included studying faith and spirituality, to the question of why men dreamed what they dreamt.  

And this is when visions and dreams took on a different meaning from a faith or a spiritual perspective. This is where the author leads its readers further by delving into Christian and Jewish theologies. Powe expounded that these two religions took on a modern approach and agreed with modern-day science that dreams are mainly symbolic and need careful interpretation and analysis when approaching what these dreams meant. But even before these current analyses and look into dreams and visions, prominent figures in ancient times have been using dreams and visions as a way to effect change in their society, whether it be a momentous religious movement or a significant change in their current government.  

Ken Powe, successfully combining science and religion in his book’s theme, has remained consistent in his central message: that dreams and visions are ultimately used as means of understanding God’s message to men and of God’s relationship with his living creatures, with humanity. 

Grab a copy of Ken Powe’s Visions and Dreams: Are They Communication from God, or Just Us? now from major online booksellers, and start a transcendental journey to discover the meaning of dreams and visions.


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