Cities in Orbit and The End Is Near by Ronald J. Fischer

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The declining state of our planet is a cause for concern—will this book by Ronald J. Fischer serve as another cautionary tale or simply a fascinating concept?

Over the years, the Earth has rapidly deteriorated due to what we call “climate change.”  Because humanity failed to pay enough attention to maintaining and caring for our natural resources, it is now in terrible shape. Rising ocean levels and various storms all year long have contributed to the slow destruction of our planet.

That is why Ronald J. Fischer, author of Cities in Orbit and The End is Near, wrote about this alarming situation. Ronald J. Fischer’s book may be science fiction at its best. Still, we must take this story as a futuristic example of what might happen to our planet.

In the book Cities in Orbit and The End Is Near by Ronald J. Fischer, the Earth has become uninhabitable for humans. Because of that, they constructed an escape beyond the horizon and into cylindrical cities that orbit the Earth. These cities rotate about their axes to stimulate gravity and maintain their rotation in the same orbit. Moreover, many people have moved up there to escape hell on Earth, where everything’s straight out of a dystopia.

Ronald J. Fischer and The Depiction of a World’s End

We know that when the world slows down, everyone must take countermeasures to cope with the unavoidable situation. For instance, people are building bunkers full of emergency rations in case the end comes. News of billionaires trying to fly to space has also been circulating lately. You may have heard of several possibilities of Mars being a habitable candidate in case the Earth is gone.

These alternatives mean a lot of things for many people, but something’s amiss. It’s also fascinating how life imitates art and how humans deal terribly with the situation. One can even say that it’s laughable how humans constantly find ways to escape away from problems. Meanwhile, ignoring the real devastating issue at hand seems more convenient.

As the world becomes ravaged by the devastating effects of climate change, Ronald J. Fischer takes the challenge of telling the world about it. Moreover, Ronald J. Fischer’s book vividly depicts how global warming and resource depletion pushed the Earth to its limits. The novel portrays the consequences of unchecked environmental degradation.

Readers learn about what lies ahead for a world in ruins through the eyes of the characters in the novels Cities in Orbit and The End Is Near. Additionally, the book provides a compelling ground for a potential large-scale human migration to the cylinder cities that inhabit outer space.

How The Cities in Orbit Thrived Despite the Nearing End

With the Earth’s climate crisis escalating, humanity has resorted to astronomical ways to deal with the situation. Hence, the novel introduces readers to the concept of cylinder cities—massive, self-sustaining habitats built on the orbit around Earth. These sci-fi marvels became a lifeline for those fortunate enough to secure a place to move to.

Cities in Orbit and The End Is Near also discuss the intricate details of these cylindrical cities. With their advanced infrastructure, futuristic design, and innovative solutions, these fictional cities aim to provide comfort and help humans survive the challenges of survival in space.

On the other hand, we witness a desperate attempt to escape the ravages of climate change crawling through the planet. People need something to turn to to have options. With that in mind, Ronald J. Fischer created a world where a place outside of the Earth is a possible second home that supports every human life. Cities in Orbit and The End Is Near set themselves in an artificial environment that helps humans cope with the toll of leaving a dying world. Despite its grueling plot, readers should still take it with a grain of salt, like any other science fiction novel.

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The novel is a cautionary tale that makes its readers think about the consequences of our actions. Let the Cities in Orbit and The End Is Near by Ronald J. Fischer remind us of the gruesome results of humanity’s neglect and carelessness. Furthermore, it invites us to reflect on our collective responsibility to protect our planet and find ways to build a better future.

Suppose you’re interested in reading about a science fiction book that highlights the real issues of our planet. In that case, this book by Ronald J. Fischer is just perfect for you!


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