Inventive Ways to Promote Science Fiction Books

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Cyberbrain is a tech fiction book by Benoit Blanchard. Despite being his first book, he has captured people’s interest and competed in the science fiction market.

The winter breeze is here, which means one thing: it’s the perfect time to pick up a new book to savor. Choosing the following book can be a straightforward and uncomplicated process if the reader already has a long list of books prepared. But even with this, they may feel the urge to find a new book to satisfy their bibliophile cravings.

Readers may stick with their favorite authors or choose a new book entirely at random by manually scanning through the books available. Obviously, through this process, books that are in stock or purchased by the distributor or bookshops sell. On the other hand, freshly published ones won’t receive much visibility and exposure.

Fortunately, this problem is one with foolproof solutions.

The How-Tos of Book Publicity

Books become famous by chance. There are no assured process writers can follow that will take them to stardom. Every writer started small and unknown. But how did some become famous while the others, unfortunately, didn’t?


Authors’ books get popular depending on two things: one, their target audience’s receptivity, and two, how well they market their books. Take the sci-fi genre, for instance. As one of the most marketable genres, how do authors compete with the rest in this market?

Author Benoit Blanchard may offer a few practical opinions on this matter. He recently published his first book, Cyberbrain, a dark science fiction novel about mind control and cybernetics. This tech fiction book by Benoit Blanchard is commonplace in the market, but how did he break into the science fiction market?

Partner with Marketing Agencies

One of the first things Blanchard did after publishing his book was to collaborate with a publishing company to help him with his marketing campaigns. Companies like ReadersMagnet help authors achieve their dreams by planning and executing publicity projects for them. These include but aren’t limited to content writing, book trailers, press releases, and website building. Each contributes to the improvement of the author’s reputation and increases the exposure of their books to possible readers.

Authors aren’t only boosting their name by partnering up with these agencies. They’re also saving time and personal effort while maximizing available marketing services.

Consider an eBook Version

Readers want nothing but to be able to read anytime and anywhere. Hence, a book’s ease of use, transportability, and accessibility weights significantly whenever they consider books to purchase.

It benefits authors and readers to publish their books in paperback and eBook versions. For authors, this increases their chances of selling. And for readers who don’t have the opportunity to shop in physical stores, eBooks make it easier for them to choose and purchase new reads. Additionally, eBooks make it a lot easier for authors to promote their books and even offer giveaway events to increase interaction with their books.

Maximize Communities

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter now offer “community” features. These are devoted to gathering people with the same interest in one group or page for them to interact and discuss similar themes with like-minded people.

Authors can join communities that align with their book’s concept and promote it in the space. This is an intelligent way to effectively target the right audience and ensure that people are highly likely interested in the topic. These communities are also the best way for authors to interact and connect with their audience. Hence, they not only grow their readers but also form relationships with them and increase their loyalty.

Word of Mouth

Like the communities’ function, people’s word-of-mouth or reviews also improve authors’ reputations. To build a solid review list, authors can personally send copies of their books to people they know and ask them for their honest reviews. These can be displayed on their website for other visitors to read. Authors who have published eBook versions may also gather reviews on the websites selling their books.

It’s never easy for starting authors to get their names known in the market. But with the right strategies and decent connections, anything is possible.

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