Book Feature: Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart by Teresa Dye

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Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart is a collection of inspirational poetry by Teresa Dye.

Art is the imitation of life, and poetry, they say, is the language of the imagination and the passions. In the past, we have featured many poetry books. Some of them are about faith and devotion. Some are about t their personal struggles and spiritual journey. We have also featured poetry celebrating womanhood, motherhood, and overcoming dark pasts. No matter what theme or narrative, poetry books always seem to relate to us simply because they reflect the truth, values, inspiration, hopes, and even struggles. Today, we will celebrate a new poetry book that we think is an excellent addition to our collection of remarkable masterpieces. Today, ReadersMagnet features Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart by Teresa Dye.

Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart by Teresa Dye

“Some have said that love is just a silly game that people play. But when we fall in love, we want it to last forever, always.”

Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart is a poetry book by Teresa Dye. It was published in January last year, and it contains sixty-eight pages of poetry. Dye writes about various themes and experiences to inspire readers about the beauty of life and living. Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart is Teresa Dye’s debut work.

“Somewhere along the line many of Our Children have lost their way. They face crime, violence, hatred, and a lack of love every day.”

This book covers many facets of life, including Life, Love, Inspiration, and Reflection. It offers advice on forgiveness, friendship, and more. It also offers young people how to be productive members of society. This book will help you appreciate how to have a close relationship with the Creator. (book description)

“Is it because I’m Black that I have to take test that don’t pertain to me but the rest? Is it because I’m Black that I have to be better than the best?”

Many of Teresa Dye’s poems are based on her encounters and experiences growing up. They also reflect several social realities that many Americans experience daily. This is what makes her poetry both personal and relevant. Teresa’s community is full of inspiring characters that have shaped who she is today, and they are reflected in her works.

About the Author

Teresa Dye was born Teresa Evonne Brown on a Sunday, July 21, 1957, at 7:51 pm. She was born to parents William and Lilly Brown. Teresa is the third of nine children, six girls and three boys. When she was only two years old, the family decided to move to Twin Lake, Michigan. Teresa stayed there until she graduated from Whitehall Schools. According to Terese, it was their mom that almost single-handedly raised her and her other siblings. She was raised on welfare, and Teresa’s dad was kind of in and out of their lives. Their mom played the role of both mother and father. 

Teresa was married at the age of 18 to Wayne Knox. Together they have two daughters, TaMara and Lavonda Knox. However, after 15 years, the couple divorced. Teresa took her children, and in order to survive, she had to work three jobs and work to school at night. As a Jehovah’s Witness, Teresa’s faith kept her going until better days came along. Now, she is married to Robert Dye for fourteen years now. The couple has a blended family with three daughters, two sons, five granddaughters, three grandsons, and a great-granddaughter.


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