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Teresa Dye is the author of the inspirational book Poetry to Live By: Messages from the Heart.

Teresa Dye is a poet and author of the 2020 poetry book Poetry to Live By: Messages from the Heart. Her poems have inspired readers, especially the young. Today, we will take a closer look at the inspiring life of this remarkable poet.

Childhood and Early Years

Dye was born Teresa EvonneBrown to parents William and Lilly Brown at Muskegon, Osteopathic Hospital on July 21, 1957. Teresa is the third of nine siblings, six girls, and three boys. Their family moved to Twin Lake, Michigan. Teresa stayed there until she graduated from Whitehall Schools. Lilly practically raised Teresa and her siblings because William was kind of in and out of their lives. Despite being raised on welfare, Teresa had a very pleasant and unforgettable childhood. It was no small thanks to their neighbors and kind friends, who helped young Lilly raise the children and provide them love and care. Looking back, Teresa thinks they could not have survived if not for their neighbors. Neighbors Mrs. Dorothy Turner, Ms. Beulah, Paul, Norma Rawdon, Ms. Edna, Ms. Laura, and Fred Brown helped look after her and her siblings. They also had Ms. Ward and Ms. Hough, two kind welfare caseworkers Teresa will never forget. Last but not least is Mr. Amos Norton, their landlord, who often allowed them to skip months of rent.

Teresa’s childhood was full of positivity amidst adversities and certainly helped shape the person she is today. Growing up, she saw the importance of resilience, friendship, kindness, and looking out for others.

Early Marriage and Family

Teresa Dye got married at an early age. She was only eighteen years old when she tied the knot with Wayne Knox. Knox and Dye had two daughters, TaMara and Lavonda Knox. But their union did not last that long. Wayne and Teresa separated after 12 years of marriage and got officially divorced after fifteen years. Aside from dealing with the pain of a failed marriage, Teresa had to do everything by herself. With her daughters in her care, she had to work extra and fight for their survival. Teresa juggled work and school at night, and at one point, even kept three jobs just to support herself and her two daughters.

She also began selling baked goods to help make ends meet. 

It was also this time that Teresa’s faith kept her going, and with help from her spiritual family, Jehovah’s Witnesses, she began to recover and rise again. Although things did not work out between her and Wayne, they maintained a good friendship, and he still is a good father to TaMara and Lavonda. Teresa met and eventually married Robert Dye. They are now in their fourteenth year of marriage and have built a blended family consisting of three daughters, two sons, five granddaughters, three grandsons, and a great-granddaughter. Teresa and her husband of fourteen years are currently living in Muskegon, Michigan.

Poetry and Published Work

“Somewhere along the line, many of Our Children have lost their way. They face crime, violence, hatred, and a lack of love every day.”

Teresa Dye published her inspirational poetry book last January 2020. Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart is an 86-page poetry book that features Teresa Dye’s skills with written words and her wisdom and positive outlook in life. The book covers many themes relevant to today’s society- childhood, friendship, overcoming adversities, racism, solidarity, and other topics that Teresa has seen or experienced growing up. More personal themes include finding love and, of course, keeping faith in God. Overall, Teresa Dye’s Poetry to Live By: Messages From the Heart is one delightful read that is worth reading over and over again.

To know more about Teresa Dye and her wonderful poetry, you can purchase a copy of her book or visit her website today.


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