Book Feature: Beyond the Power of Love by Janice Romney

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Beyond the Power of Love is an inspiring memoir of a woman’s journey through abuse and transformation. 

The wounds of psychological or emotional abuse are not visible in the naked eyes. The people walking past you may appear happy and content, but they can be victims of abuse. Abuse can often be underhanded and subtle. Violence seems to be at the forefront of the media more and more frequently. This can be emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, or physical abuse. Abuse can happen to anyone and any age, regardless of gender. The damage of abuse can be profound, and the scars can run deep. It may appear that there’s no way to move away from this traumatic experience. However, it is possible to take back control over your life. Janice Romney’s Beyond the Power of Love will inspire abuse victims to believe in their worth and move forward to a new beginning. 

Beyond the Power of Love

Nobody wanted to be abused. And nobody deserves to be in that situation. Janice Romney’s Beyond the Power of Love shares personal and private violence she experienced in her life to help victims heal. Her book gives an inside view of the complexities of abuse for readers to understand and help victims to let go. This book will also help victims to find inner peace and inspiration to return to their hearts and learn to love again. 

Although the past has left her with a scar, Romney willingly brings back painful memories she so long to bury for readers to discover the healing power of love. Romney was not only in an abusive relationship, but she grew up exposed to abuse. At the age of five, she has experienced abuse which she carried throughout her life. In her book is a tell-all of all forms of abuse she experienced and the long-term effects of it in her life as well as her children. Having experienced this, she does not want any woman to experience abuse in their entire life. She believes that abuse is preventable, which she further explains inside her book. 

Romney hopes to raise more awareness about abuse. She hopes for readers to help those experiencing traumatic abuse and end the long silence. Beyond the Power of Love is her tool to save the souls of abuse victims. Romney fought hard to survive her own abuse, and she wants women to fight for their life as well. Romney will keep writing each day to remove fears and let go of the past to move forward to a brighter and happier version of herself. 

Moreover, Beyond the Power of Love can be the first step towards more profound inner healing from the abuse. Her words can be a life-changing tool for women and young girls. She hopes to strengthen, inform, and change victims’ life direction. 

About Janice Romney 

Janice Romney is an author, speaker, and life coach. Her story was not the best but an inspiring one. She was once a victim of abuse. She has probably experienced all forms of abuse. Romney grew up in a broken family and was in an abusive relationship. However, she changed her life’s direction towards a stronger version of herself. She has always wanted to be a writer, and this was made true when she published her first book in 2004, Beyond the Power of Love, with its original title Beneath Wings of an Angel. She was on the way to healing when she began writing this book. Her passion for writing was her salvation. Her experiences and creative hobby opened her eyes to a more significant purpose in life. 


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