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ReadersMagnet takes a close look at women’s literature and authors making a name into the new decade.

We enter the new decade gripped by a pandemic that is still haunting nations around the world. And while many aspects of our daily living are placed at a standstill, we take a look at the state of literature and the latest published works, particularly by our female authors. For most of 2020 and even today, many are still stuck in their homes as quarantines and lockdowns continue. However, this did not stop authors from publishing new and relevant works. Today we will look at the latest in women’s literature and the stuff to look forward to.

The Women Storytellers of Today

Since the start of the new decade, we have seen powerful stories and compelling narratives that have gain relative commercial and critical success, despite the effects of the pandemic. Since before the pandemic, women writers have been a resurgence both in fiction and non-fiction genres. Authors and novelists like Liz Moore (Long Bright River), Anna Weiner (Uncanny Valley), Tessa Bailey (Love Her or Lose Her), and Lily King (Writers and Lovers).

In the field of inspirational literature and memoirs, The Other Side of Fear by Veronica Lisare is a must-read masterpiece. It is a story of one woman’s resilience, strength, and faith. 

Though there have been many stories about overcoming tragedies and trauma, W. Veronica Lisare’s narrative is new and riveting at the same time. Aside from romance and other stories that are related to recent events, these non-fiction books play a crucial part in reminding others that there are still many untold stories out there that are personal and relevant to women and their struggles.

In terms of journalism and non-fiction literature, we are seeing a surge of new materials and narratives by female authors and writers. According to https://en.unesco.org/courier/2020-3/womens-writing-illuminating-darkness,

“…feminine writing is a relevant, not outdated, topic today. For instance, during the outbreak, Ruoshuiyin, a female poet and nurse on the front line, wrote poems about medical professionals’ true experiences and feelings, which the public has widely welcomed. Her writing is irreplaceable in that her poems depict a character like that of a journalist on a battlefield, who can see for herself what really happened on the front line and present the whole picture.”

Some of the topics under non-fiction include the increasing violence against women during the quarantine periods, memoirs, and stories from health workers, nurses, and doctors. A significant number of women work in the medical and health sector. Inspirations from these true-to-life narratives are also reflected in fiction novels and works of literature. 

The Future of Women’s Literature 

There is no doubt that we are living in interesting times. The pandemic and the recent developments that are shaping the new normal are also inspirations for new narratives. Stories of loss, grief, death, tragedies are everywhere. But there are also stories of fighting, resistance, empowerment, breaking free, new beginnings, hope, kindness, and life. Women are great storytellers because their experiences are vast, encompassing, and remarkable. In the coming years, there will be new books, stories, poetry, and narratives. We expect women authors, poets, and writers to be at the forefront.

The future of women’s literature is bright and rich. And in time, these stories will be told and shared with the world. Virtual book fairs, the internet, and social media are great platforms for women to voice their experiences, victories, and dreams. Great stories will always find their way to great audiences. And ReadersMagnet will always be there to celebrate women and their stories.


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