Bearing Witness to the Lord: How to Be a Good Evangelist

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Dr. Ron Thorington teaches believers the importance of becoming a good evangelist for the Word of Christ and bearing witness to the Lord and His eternal grace.

If you are a frequent churchgoer, you have probably heard of this verse from Mark 16:15:

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

While there is debate as to how this should be done, there is no doubt that this is an explicit call from Christ to be a good evangelist in bearing witness to the Lord and His heavenly will. Regardless of the path that one must take to accomplish this task from God through Christ, every believer should be prepared to talk about the miracles of Christ and be steadfast in defending the faith.

This is because, as part of being a Christian, believers should strive to emulate, if only a little bit, the life and ministry of Christ on this Earth, which includes being a preacher and a good neighbor to his fellow man.

According to the minister, Dr. Ron Thorington, it is only through following in his footsteps that his Great Commission can be fulfilled and the praises of the Lord sung across the four corners of the globe.

How to Be a Good Evangelist

Of course, being a proper advocate of Christ is easier said than done, and with the nature of today’s youth, it is becoming more difficult to preach the Word of Christ without being seen as some type of screeching fundamentalist. 

What does this mean, then?

While reaching out to nonbelievers and attempting to convince them of the light of the Lord is extremely important, the old ways of approaching a stranger and coercing them to attend one’s church are fast becoming obsolete in the ways of gathering a flock and creating a wide community of believers.

People are becoming more guarded these days amidst infringements of fundamental rights, transgressions by the government and other groups, etc. So it becomes a choice to tend to the outdated methods and ignore newer, gentler ways of advocating for the Word of God.

As was mentioned above, to be a good Christian evangelist means following the ways of Christ; essentially reflecting him in your daily living as best you can and embodying the attributes of love, service, and respect in every interaction you have with your fellow human beings.

This is a much better way to talk to others and convince them of God’s mercy, grace, and glory.

Bearing Witness to the Lord

The best way to show the world and nonbelievers the absolute truth of God is by properly bearing witness to the Lord. This means sharing one’s experiences and knowledge regarding the Creator and what is revealed in the glory of the sacred scriptures.

So, before you go and talk to a nonbeliever, remember these important points to keep the conversation going and to adopt a non-intrusive front:

Be Inquisitive. Ask questions about their beliefs and faith, but don’t be too aggressive. If they have questions about yours, respond in kind, and don’t be too quick on the draw.

Be Sociable. Establish relationships whenever. Although your goal is to someday invite them to partake at the same table with Christ, remember that this can only happen if the relationship is deep enough.

Be Patient. The Great Commission won’t be done in a day, so be persistent and do not be anguished that no one is listening to you or that everyone is declining their invitations. Remember, even a single drop can break rocks given enough time.

Be Consensual. Do not run them through with your questions and your experiences. Ask them for permission first before you go anywhere. This is a good indication that you are being sincere in your efforts and you respect them as a person.


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