Baby’s Story Time by Danielle Easley

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A Heartwarming Bedtime Story to Foster Family Bonding and Gratitude

Baby’s Story Time is a bedtime story for children that talks about the things a family is grateful for before going to sleep each night. The book provides a great opportunity for families to not just bond, but also to actively participate in the story, making it a truly special bedtime experience. Baby’s Story Time is dedicated to my son, Lexington, which shares a song I started singing to him every night before bedtime as a baby and a song that we continue to sing together every night to express gratitude for the day before we sleep now that he is a toddler.

My parents and godparents truly inspired me to write my first book because they always took the time to read books to me at home and take me to the library growing up when I was a child. The target audience for Baby’s Story Time ranges from infants to babies and all the way up to children aged five-years-old. I hope readers experience an interactive journey that encourages families to bond and share what they are grateful for before going to sleep each night.

A Personalized Bedtime Story to Create Joyful Memories and Foster a Love for Reading

The book also provides a unique approach that allows for families to also bring their own experiences, family members, and household items into the story that they are individually grateful for to make the story a more personal involvement with their children and family collectively as a whole. Hoping for my book to reach as many children and families as possible to provide wonderful, joyful memories while reading a bedtime story together each night.

I would love for Baby’s Story Time to bring more awareness to the importance of reading to children and really reflect how impactful a simple, repetitive, and interactive bedtime story can be for both children and families alike. I feel that Baby’s Story Time is a children’s book that also provides an excellent starting point to engage even the most indifferent young readers with the wonders of reading. It also serves as perfect bedtime material for parents or guardians struggling to establish a bedtime routine for their kids.

Meet the Author: A Passionate Speech-Language Pathologist and Devoted Mother

I would also like to share a little background information about myself for readers to gain an understanding of who I am and how I became even more inspired to create and publish Baby’s Story Time. I am a happy, proud wife to my husband, Kennington, and mother to two young children, Lexington and Liliana.

Our family also has two dogs, who are also featured in Baby’s Story Time as the “doggies.” I am also a very passionate, licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Professionally, I have my Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Northeastern State University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Oklahoma State University, and a Teaching Certification in Special Education.

Dedication to Child-Led Speech Therapy and the Power of Children’s Books

I take great pride in providing evidence-based practice using a child-led, therapist-guided approach and providing parent/caregiver/teacher speech and language coaching strategies to achieve each child’s communication goals. I’ve extensive pediatric experience working with ages 0-21 years old in the following settings: schools, private practice multi-disciplinary clinics, homes, daycares, ABA clinics, within the community, and teletherapy both in the states of Oklahoma and Hawaii.

I currently work as a Speech-Language Pathologist at an elementary school working with children ages three to first grade while utilizing children’s books throughout my daily speech/language therapy sessions with students. I’ve always had a passion for working with children and also for reading and utilizing children’s books while reading to my own children every day at home as well as reading children’s books to my students whom I have the privilege of working with on a daily basis in the school.

You can check out my book available on amazon and Linktree website.


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