How To Make Bedtime Stories Enjoyable For Every Child

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Bedtime stories are typically what children look forward to before going to bed and sleeping for the rest of the night. And as parents, it is a pleasure to spend time with them by reading stories aloud as an evening routine.

We have a lot on our plate, and we still have to do a lot for our children, even if we don’t have the time or energy – including reading a bedtime story to them. This is a particular time for them to bond with us; this activity is also crucial and educational.

To motivate ourselves to read bedtime stories for our children, here is a list of benefits of reading bedtime stories to our kids:

Reading aloud helps with the child’s brain development.

There is a positive impact on a child’s developmental stage when parents take the time to bond with them through reading aloud a book, particularly bedtime stories. Children can have language mastery and an expanded vocabulary because of their heightened auditory and visual learning skills.

Reading inspires the imagination. 

Books are the portals to another world, opening many possibilities for children. Whether real or imaginary, bedtime stories with unicorns, wizards, fairies, and monsters shape the child’s imagination, which will translate to fundamental world ideas.

Conversations are sparked by reading aloud.

Kids never fail to show their curiosity when they want to because they are eager to learn as many things as possible. This is why you must be ready to answer your children’s questions regarding the stories you read aloud to them.

Be ready to explain certain concepts they have yet to understand, using simple terms understandable on their level. Reading books is a great way to spark meaningful conversations that let kids appreciate their existence.

Reading together boosts the child’s emotional intelligence.

Children’s books are great teachers that introduce the value of being human to kids. Sharing a bedtime story containing emotional elements can help kids deal with their feelings and overcome different situations.

It opens up opportunities to expand not only their intellectual capacity but also their emotional intelligence, which allows them to have empathy.

JoJo’s Adventure: The best bedtime story book for your children

We know many books out there are suitable for your children. Plenty of them is packed with tales of adventures, love, friendship, and family – lessons that will be valuable for your children to learn as they grow older. But what book can you introduce to your child as a bedtime story?

There’s no need to worry!

The book JoJo’s Adventure by Joyce Nealy is a good start for you to read aloud as a bedtime story. It is about a bird named Jojo who loved his family and friends, especially Sparky. Jojo saw that Sparky is happy outside. Jojo wonders how it feels to be out of the cage and be free to roam around.

To answer his curiosity, Jojo decided to take his chances and leave the cage he grew up in, and that included his favorite snack of unsalted peanuts. He may not know what lies ahead once he goes to the life he was once comfortable in, but he is undoubtedly in for an adventure.

Teaching your children the significance of bravery despite uncertainty is excellent, as this will be helpful when they get older.

About the Author of JoJo’s Adventure

Hailing from a small farm in North Carolina, Joyce Nealy grew up with many animals, which led her to write this book. She has two children and four granddaughters. Joyce also lives with her husband and works in a hospital as a nurse.

Her love for children’s books and her upbringing as a farm girl inspired her to write about Jojo’s adventures. She aspires to teach children that the future might be scary and uncertain, but it’s okay to take a leap of faith and go for their dreams.

The same values can be taught to parents, as these essential lessons are for all ages. So, if you’re a parent looking for a book where you can bond together with your child, JoJo’s Adventure is just the right pick. You will surely love our little friend Jojo’s journey, and you will get to spend quality time with your child too!


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