Author Feature: Ron Tank, Author of The Moses of Wall Street

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Ron Tank is here to ensure that others can safely and effectively invest using a system produced from biblical truth.

Founder of the Triple Tank System and author of The Moses of Wall StreetRon Tank is an expert investor who aims to spread his knowledge and expertise. Ron’s motto is “Investing the Right Way for the Right Reasons,” and he embodies just that using his Triple Tank System.

He is known as “Tank” to his close companions and clientele. In order to become “Bulletproof Investors,” he also teaches novice and seasoned investors how to minimize risk and optimize rewards in the stock market.”

But who exactly is Ron Tank? Let’s find out!

Who is Ron Tank, and What Does He Do?

As we said earlier, Ron Tank is the author of The Moses of Wall Street and the Founder of the Triple Tank System. As a Sunday school instructor and seasoned investor, Ron delivers a unique blend of practical techniques and tried-and-true biblical guidance.

What makes his advice even more reliable is the proven system that any investor needs to succeed in the current financial markets. Ron first came to the public’s notice when he and his brother were featured in Investor’s Business Daily. They submitted an incredible 3,460 percent gain, which saw them go from $40,000 to over $2.2 million in 18 months.

Ron has uncovered enduring truths regarding investing that genuinely work due to his extensive Bible study and twenty years of practical financial expertise. The Moses of Wall Street book divulges his time-tested Triple Tank System. All of this is to aid readers in the best way.

How Did Ron Tank Become the “Bulletproof Investor?”

Learning how an individual got to where they are is always interesting. With that said, check out Ron’s journey to becoming a “Bulletproof Investor,” penning his book (The Moses of Wall Street), and creating The Triple Tank System. He truly is a great investor that anyone should learn from.

At 24, Ron Tank started investing in his leisure time with roughly $3,000, growing it to approximately $15,000 over the following three years. Several years afterward, in 1995, at 29 years old, he quit his work as a computer programmer to pursue individual investing full-time.

When Ron Tank reached the age of 33 years old, he invested $40,000 in the stock market and produced a profit of $1.4 million, a 3,460% increase. The NASDAQ Composite increased by a total of nearly 57% throughout that same period.

Financial Success is Not the Endgame for the Great Financial Advisor

Having the kind of financial success that Ron has undoubtedly been fantastic. But what counts most for the “Bulletproof Investor” himself is the life that he currently leads. A life that is full of freedom.

He says, “There are some big moments that I’m incredibly grateful for, like having the freedom to buy 400 acres of undeveloped land that my family and I immerse ourselves in every chance we get, or building a 5-acre lake to enjoy fishing with my kids.”

Financial success and stability have allowed Ron to teach Sunday school weekly and attend sporting events or his kids’ school. He can even offer monetary aid to causes he and his family believes in. Ron believes the Bible is the most valuable book people can trust about investing.

Investing can be tricky, but with the help of Ron Tank’s book The Moses of Wall Street and Triple Tank System, it can be turned into a safe undertaking filled with excellent outcomes.

Discover more about Ron Tank and his book, The Moses of Wall Street, by clicking here, and start your investing journey today!


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