Book Feature: The Moses of Wall Street by Ron Tank

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There’s no guarantee that one will earn after investing in dollars and stock markets. But one won’t lose money and an opportunity if equipped with a plan – something they can learn from The Moses of Wall Street by Ron Tank.

Quite frankly, investing in stock markets can be a gamble. Someone can put money into this venture, but there’s no way to ensure they’ll get it back. They can learn something about increasing their earning possibilities, but the process will remain a hit or miss. It’s a gamble. This is given that every decision people make has its possible equivalent consequence or benefit, depending on sheer luck or skill, more of the former than the latter.

World of Stock Markets

Stock markets are a massive collection of marketplaces that could easily lure people in. It promises they can go home with more money than they’ve brought with the right investing strategies.

These markets provide people with a relatively more accessible means of earning. With a click of a button, their investments can increase, and some may even double. It’s no wonder why people invest in stocks. After all, if the odds ever fall in their favor, the market will surge, and they will earn money.

However, as much as this idea sounds exciting, investing in stock markets is a tricky and confusing game. People can have hunches about which markets have a high probability of growing and skyrocketing in value depending on market trends.

But often, that’s it.

They’re limited to hunches and guesses.

Nobody can truly predict the market’s movement. Businesses that are booming now can run out of popularity later. This is why investing in a market can become a process of hoping the market they’ve chosen will succeed so they can earn from it.

Although nothing is certain in stock markets, this doesn’t mean one should solely depend on hoping and praying. Instead, they can proactively learn the ins and outs of these markets and sharpen their competency regarding investing.

A Guide for Investment: The Moses of Wall Street

“It sounds too good to be true.”

Author Ron Tank shared that the first time he mentioned this investment resource to a friend, his initial response was to question it. But nobody can blame him.

When people receive something on the better end of the stick, brimming with benefits, it makes them hesitate. Something too good is often considered a dream, something surreal. But dreams are considered dreams for a reason. They don’t exist. And more often than not, what people may regard as too good to be true, really isn’t.

However, when it comes to Ron Tank’s investment resources, people can trust his word. His book may be too good to be true, and it is on both statements. It’s good, and it’s true.

The Moses of Wall Street is Ron Tank’s most helpful resource for investing in stock markets, which he used throughout his 20 years as a professional. He claims that people can’t lose money through investing on Wall Street if they have a plan, and this is where his “Triple Tank System” comes in.

This book inspires and helps readers prosper financially. It’s filled with graphs to assist people in visualizing the benefits they can gain from investing. But, in its unique system, The Moses of Wall Street will also help them grow closer to God as numerous tips are associated with Bible verses. Overall, the book is an excellent guide toward making sound investments in Wall Street.

Its Parallelism to the Bible

In the Bible, Moses symbolizes God’s law, reinforcing and expounding the teachings of God. To a certain extent, it can be deduced that The Moses of Wall Street is named the way it is because the book can bear the same symbolism within the stock markets. As a practical training resource for rookie investors, The Moses of Wall Street establishes rules and laws to be studied and observed by anyone attempting to break through the investment industry.

Moses also guides people into taking responsibility for their failures, teaching them to face the consequences and not make them again. These can also be found within the book as part of molding investors to choose and own their decisions.

Ron Tank has also created The Moses of Wall Street from biblical truth and resources.

One of which he cited revolved around the belief money is the root of all evil. However, contrary to this popularized idea, 1 Timothy 6:10 mentions, “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil,” differentiating money from the love of it. This means while money is a wonderful tool, a source of numerous opportunities and luxuries, loving it can be a source of negative things.

To a certain extent, money can be the source of all evil. But it can also lead to one’s happiness. Ron Tank’s book will ensure readers and investors achieve a great source of money to provide for their families, allowing them to live a fun and rewarding life through The Moses of Wall Street.


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