Author Feature: Monique Johnson and Her Book Relentlessly Resilient

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Monique Johnson, author of Relentlessly Resilient: Overcoming the Resistance, is a brilliant motivational speaker and mentor for those looking to overcome challenges.

The book is about a woman relentlessly overcoming resistance and her determination to do well. It tells her story of giving her best despite her circumstances. Those who purchase the book will learn healthy ways to conquer whatever challenges come knocking on their door. It’s a helpful non-fiction book that will aid everybody who takes the time to read through the pages.

Now that we know a bit more about Monique Johnson’s book, let’s learn more about the author herself. Let’s listen to her story, and why she wrote the book.

Who is Monique Roshawn Johnson?

Monique Johnson is a mother of three beautiful kids. A grandmother of two grandchildren, and a strong woman with a big heart for other individuals. Monique has been through a lot of challenges. She’s been through the challenges single mothers have, and sadly, she’s seen one of her kids spend time in prison.

Although it was such a harrowing experience for her and her family, she could weather it, and Monique even joined the movement for youth justice and the reform they needed. She directly imparted knowledge on business fundamentals, resume writing, and a tireless drive for achievement.

She collaborated with nearby companies and educational institutions to raise awareness of jail privatization’s effects on brown and black youngsters. One of the main takeaways Monique imparts is to visualize the life you want, have faith in your ability to achieve it, and then create a strategy to get there.

What is Her Book All About?

Relentless Resilient is a book in which the author, Monique Johnson, shares her experience to encourage others to develop tenacious perseverance and the art of relentlessly overcoming resistance. Everyone can conquer the challenging aspects of life, yet not everybody chooses to do so, according to the author.

This book will be helpful if you are at a fork in the road and need help deciding which way to take. Some intersections appear overnight. It may be a point of impact for some, and if you don’t take care, you can end up stranded there. To escape from it, you must change your perspective.

Readers will be motivated to leave their trapped place—where anguish invaded, settled in, and imprisoned them—after reading about her journey. The secret to your freedom is in this book. You may take control of your thinking and demonstrate to the rest of the world how relentlessly resilient you are.

What Message Can People Get From Monique Johnson?

Monique Johnson is consistent with her message through her magazine pieces, poetry, memoirs, and leadership roles. Her main message is that conquering life’s challenges is always possible. Nothing is impossible if you so choose to be relentlessly resilient.

Monique has a wealth of experience. She has worked as a project manager, business owner, corporate trainer, and accounting manager. She discusses beating the odds by putting faith into action, working hard, and relying on our unwavering resolve to prevail.

Anyone looking for direction in their professional, personal, or spiritual development will find a plethora of information in her books, courses, and consultations.

A Unique Author With a Unique Knowledge and Experience to Share

The world is full of authors who have something unique to share. What makes Monique Johnson unique are the experiences and lessons she carries with her. She’s also the best person to talk about being relentlessly resilient because she’s been through the wringer and is still standing tall and growing stronger.

Get to know more about Monique Johnson and her inspiring story by grabbing a copy of her book, titled Relentlessly Resilient, and may it help you be on the way to relentlessly overcoming resistance. Click here to visit Monique’s website and check out what she’s all about!

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