Book Feature: Relentlessly Resilient by Monique R. Johnson

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Experiencing and going through hardships will never be easy, but if you have the heart to be relentlessly resilient, you can overcome any difficulty.

Author Monique R. Johnson wrote Relentlessly Resilient to share the trials and tribulations she experienced and how she overcame them. It’s a brilliant book that aims to help others by retelling the author’s specific problems and the steps she took to solve them. Readers can get plenty of tips and knowledge from this book.

Now that we’re done with the short overview of this excellent book, it’s time to dive deeper. Join us as we tackle what the book is about, what readers can expect, and whether it’s worth reading.

What is Relentlessly Resilient All About?

The book is in the non-fiction genre, and it’s about a single woman’s determination to conquer all of the hardships she’s facing, no matter how difficult it may be. Due to her fair share of problems, Monique R. Johnson uncovered a relentless resilience within herself, and she aims to share her tale to aid other people in meeting theirs.

Ms. Johnson believes that each individual has the power to resolve and conquer the tricky sections in their life. However, not everybody can choose to do just that. Readers who find themselves at a crossroads and are unsure what path they should take will find that this book shall aid them.

Each crossroad is different; some might be more complex than others that seemingly came out of nowhere. For some folks, it’s a place that brings up a lot of emotions, and if an individual isn’t careful, they might become stuck. Getting out of this situation will need a shift in one’s mindset, which the book helps readers acquire.

What Can Readers Expect?

Readers can expect to learn the strategies Monique R. Johnson used to let her conquer the resistance present in her life in Relentlessly Resilient.

Do you feel as though you’re unable to get ahead in life? Does it seem like whenever a bit of progress presents itself, a huge obstacle suddenly materializes in front of you?

Such events can often occur with our relationships, finances, or when we set out chasing brand new ventures. Believe it or not, our mindset dictates how efficiently we navigate the roadblocks in our lives.

The book will carry readers on a fantastic journey with a person who has been through hardships along her adventure to get a better life financially and spiritually.

Any person can expect to discover how Monique R. Johnson overcame the many resistances she’s been through. Readers can then be inspired to battle disappointments, delays, and distractions, helping them feel proficient on their journey and purpose.

Is Relentlessly Resilient Worth Reading?

Yes, Monique R. Johnson’s book is worth reading because after reading it, people will be inspired to get out of whatever is making them stuck and move forward. With the help of this Relentlessly Resilient, individuals will finally have the key to releasing themselves from the pain that has taken up residence in their hearts.

The book allows the readers to take authority over their mindset, showing the world that they are relentlessly resilient in the face of hardships. Aside from these aspects, many people have also given their reviews. Visiting the book at Amazon will show interested readers reviews like:

“This book is so inspirational. It touches every aspect of life. The writer is sharing her life and how she came through it all by the grace of God. I’m sure, the readers will find themselves in some parts of this books. I found a reflection of my life in some areas. This book is a must read, it might help the reader with their journey.”

Relentlessly Resilient is a great book that everyone should read if they can. Author Monique R. Johnson has done a fantastic job, and her work is guaranteed to help others.

Get your copy of Relentlessly Resilient today by clicking this link here. Uplift yourself and face whatever challenge comes your way with confidence and peace!


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