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G. Michael Sanborn, the author of Recovery From an Alcoholic’s Collateral Damage, opens up to his readers by sharing his story of living with an alcoholic at a very young age.

Sharing a home with an alcoholic is never easy. While there is a lot that we can learn about the author, G. Michael Sanborn, in his book, there is a way for us to know the author better. Here in this author feature, we aim to help you acquaint yourself with G. Michael Sanborn.

We’ll also be talking a bit about Mr. Sanborn’s book and what it’s all about!

Who Is G. Michael Sanborn?

Mike was raised by a violent, alcoholic mother in a single-parent household. His entire life, he has battled to break free from his mother’s control and interference. Even after her passing, the effect persisted.

A number of significant occasions were helpful. Obtaining a college education was the first. Finding the ideal life mate was another. Another important element in his recuperation from his mother’s effects was his Army experience.

Numerous people who crossed his path in life helped him get better. A motivating force has been a solid code of ethics.

Here’s what G. Michael Sanborn has to say about himself:

I grew up mostly in New Hampshire and maintain my home here. My childhood was very difficult. I am thankful for many people who helped me through many experiences that has shaped my life. I am most thankful for my wonderful family.

What Is His Book All About?

Recovery from the Collateral Damage of Alcoholism” stands in for G. Michael Sanborn’s life narrative and is located in the book displays’ non-fiction section. In the book, Sanborn describes his experiences growing up with an alcoholic and coping with the harm caused by the “proof levels” of alcoholic beverages to him and his family. He discusses how alcoholism can impact others around an alcoholic as well as pass down through generations.

Author G. Michael Sanborn intends to uplift readers—whether they are recovering alcoholics or those who are suffering as a result of an alcoholic—on their path to healing. Readers can contemplate and observe how a road to recovery can unfold through his life narrative.

What Message Can People Get From G. Michael Sanborn?

Through his book, G. Michael tries to support people who have been hurt in a similar way, acknowledge their experiences, and empathize with their emotions. He aspires to positively impact alcoholics by helping them comprehend, accept, and ask for help in order to support their families. His book encourages everyone to value and take care of their loved ones and gives alcoholics the confidence to ask for treatment.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

1. “This is a retrospective accounting of the life my siblings and I endured at the loving hands of our alcoholic mother. Every family has its own idiosyncracies. Most are trivial and benign. Others are overtly harmful and easier to expose. It is the subtle, persistent ones in an alcoholic family that takes a toll with long range, even lifetime consequences on the members of an alcoholic family. We may be stronger in some respects but it comes with a price to our confidence and esteem.

2. “I hope to help others validate their feelings and begin to understand them. I hope so very much that I can positively influence alcoholics to understand, accept and to seek assistance to help their families. My readers can consider themselves survivors. I prefer to describe us as collaterals.

Check Out G. Michael Sanborn and His Books

We highly encourage you to take a look at author G. Michael Sanborn’s book and grab a copy of it today. Visit his website at so that you may learn more about the book and order it.

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