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Jack Hetzel is the author behind the remarkable spiritual guidebook Colossians: Verse by Verse.

Colossians: Verse by Verse is a recently published book inspired by Apostle Paul’s letter to the early Christians in the ancient city of Colossae in Asia Minor. The book reminds us of our roles as Christians in today’s society and offers new insights from one of the books from The New Testament. Today, we will get to know more about the author behind this inspiring work.

Dr.Jack Hetzel: War Veteran

Dr. Jack Hetzel was born in West Monroe, Louisiana, on November 18, 1921. He is a pastor of the Big Sandy First Methodist Church and a former pilot. As a kid, Jack saw how his parents were active in their faith. His father, Reverend Hetzel, was a church planter. His parents would have a significant influence later in Jack’s life and career.

Jack Hetzel spent many years serving the armed forces. He spent three years in the US Army Air Corps and another three years in the US Air Force. Hetzel also served fourteen years in the US Army and participated in five major battles in Europe and during most of the Vietnam War. When Allied forces captured Normandy, Jack Hetzel was among those who fought for freedom during the Battle of the Bulge.

Jack Hetzel then retired from the Army as a teacher of Military Science at A&M University of Texas. He retired as a Sergeant First Class.

Family and Life as a Minister

Jack Hetzel’s parents were Reverend Hetzel, a church planter and Mrs. R. Hetzel. Reverend Hetzel planted several churches in Lousiana, fourteen in Texas, two in Mississippi, and one in Arkansas. Later in his life, Jack would follow in their footsteps and a minister.

Jack has ministered in most Western Europe, including England, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Ghana in West Africa. Hetzel obtained his first ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God of the USA.

Currently, Dr. Jack Hetzel serves as a pastor of First United Methodist Church of Big Sandy, Texas.

Dr. Jack Hetzel is blessed with three children. His daughter, Jacqueline Hetzel-Hubbell, lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Rodney David Hetzel lives in Rockwall, Texas, while his other son, Rodger Daniel Hetzel, is deceased. Jack also has nine grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. For Jack, ministry work is not simply a vocation. It is a divine passion. He considers himself most happy when he is ministering.

Colossians: Verse by Verse

Colossians: Verse by Verse is an inspirational guidebook by Dr. Jack Hetzel (ReadersMagnet, 2021). The title is derived from one of the 27 books of the Bible’s New Testament. The writings of Paul the Apostle inspired the book. Dr. Jack Hetzel shares his insights on the message of the Epistle to the Colossians. 

Paul wrote the letter while he was imprisoned, addressing it to the Church in Colossae. Dr. Jack Hetzelf hopes to encourage modern Christians to live out their faith and be good followers of Jesus Christ; in the same way, the message of Paul has encouraged the early Christians in the ancient city of Colossae in Asia Minor.

The reason for this writing was to hopefully give fuller understanding of every major subject Apostle Paul mentioned in the book of Colossians by writing a short chapter on each subject. At times when Paul used a word, I would write a chapter on that particular word. Not that I am smarter than the reader, but perhaps placing what knowledge I have of the bible after sixty-eight years in the ministry which I consider to be the word of God and that the only way to true faith is to believe what is written, and to help people see themselves as God sees them. “- Dr.Jack Hetzel on writing his book, Colossians: Verse by Verse.

Dr.Jack Hetzel’s Colossians: Verse by Verse is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle version. You can purchase a copy on Amazon or Barnes&Noble. You can also visit his official author’s website for more details and information.


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