Art: The Church’s Response by Rick Sorenson

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Art: The Church’s Response subject matter grew in me over years, as I experienced people’s bewilderment about art.

I have always loved creative expression and learned the craft of drawing and painting in middle school and high school then later in art school. People’s general perplexity about art is an attitude I encounter throughout society, including the churches I attended.

What inspired you to write the book?

My need to write this book was initiated by a friend, Tom Conrad, of Conrad Machine Company, who manufactures Fine Art Etching and Lithographic presses. As we talked, Tom told me that I should write a book on art to Christians.

As I thought about it, the general outline began to form and questions popped into my mind, “What does the Bible say about creativity and art?” and “Is there a Biblical/Christian perspective towards art?” As I researched the Bible on various art topics, it became clear the Bible’s view is positive. So, why do many Christians see the arts as negative? This misguided judgment can be corrected after we consider what the Bible really says about creativity and its outcome, i.e., our works.

What is your target audience for the book?

Since there is a lot of misunderstanding, Art: The Church’s Response clarifies many art topics by exploring the biblical view about creativity and our works, including investigating the Hebrew and Greek words used. As we learn to test works, we discover how to objectively evaluate any work in any artform and know if it is a good work or not. This book considers why we do not believe we are creative, our fear about it, and the way to overcome this lie. We look at how the arts are used in churches, both historically and today. We delve into the means we impart significance to our works. And we examine the manner we use the gifts inside us.

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

This book is not a book of theory but applied knowledge, for creative people that would like to have a biblical understanding of the creativity God put inside them, for visual artists, musicians, dancers, actors, writers, etc.; and for the leaders that would like to knowledgeably support the creative individuals under their care. My hope for the people who read Art: The Church’s Response, that you embrace the creativity God put inside you and overcome any attitudes that blocks it. Let the works you make go beyond the cliché, to bring out the deep nuance meanings waiting below the surface. And be excellent at what you do.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

As every author wishes, I want everyone to buy my book. But to be realistic, I hope every creative individual who desires a biblical view about art will read my book then apply its concepts to free the people around them from whatever issues hold them back from releasing their creativity.

If you are interested in reading Art: The Church’s Response, you can get it at Amazon.


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