Upon This Rock…My Church by Eddie Dean Sumbler

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Upon this rock back coverBeyond the Millennial year 2000, the Christian Church will have some of its best opportunities to provide the world a witness of the picturesque handiwork of Jesus Christ, as builder and leader of His Church. His church will mirror Himself, on earth as in Heaven. St. John Chapter 19, And verse 30, Jesus says from the cross “it is Finished”. An observer may question this thinking “… is this saying not taught and understood to mean Jesus work on earth is done?” Yes, Jesus did finish His dying work on the Cross; heavenly and earthly powers are available to whosoever will. He is still at my side daily and in my heart for eternity because the Holy Spirit’s job is to keep Jesus on my mind. He does this by reminding me, through my faith, of everything Jesus did and continues to do in me and others who embrace Him.

   The post resurrection appearance of Jesus to His disciples in Luke 24:36-49, occurs during a spiritually low moment in the faith of His disciples. Peter in particular was in an intense state of decline and shame. Jesus appearance was intended to encourage them out of their valley of despair, self-imposed confusion, fear and unbelief. Likewise, He avails Himself for any individual, body of individuals, or organizations who are ready to fully commit to His Lordship over their lives. Just as He died for mankind, His Kingdom on earth must reflect ALL of mankind who believe and trust their lives to Him as Lord today. No people group or culture is excluded, and we all will submit to his Lordship.

           Jesus promises to do more work. In Matthew 16:18, He says “…on this rock I will build My Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it “His building process is ongoing, and meant to be fulfilled in our time. The blueprint of how the Christian Church should act and appear in our time. The blue print of how the Christian Church should act and appear resides always in the bosom of the Godhead in Heaven. The church on earth today will reflect its, pre-earth foundation, Divine-architectural design. It will ultimately appear without spot, blemish or wrinkle {flaw}. This can only be done outside the works of men and denominational endeavors alone. Certainly, men and organizations are instruments and tools blessed by God for God’s purposes. But, the purest glory has not blemish, spot and wrinkle church existence. Men have and continue to contribute to the mess and disfigurement of the Christian Church. If the Heavenly Kingdom of God is to be realized, in its fullness on earth, it will undoubtedly require the finishing touch and preparation at the hands of Jesus Christ, the Church, will only meet His approval as it reflects Himself, being in one-accord for the Fathers Glory.

          I encourage you to read this book, and recommend it to church leadership to consider for group and personal Bible study; church growth seminars, use it to prompt “next level” informational discussion sessions to promote “one accord “awareness. The divine prescribed church leadership who are the teachers and models for the Christian Church ought to make this book required reading. The decision could be most effective if it occurs at the denominational leadership levels. This suggested action is not intended to demean, desecrate or thumb-down any active ongoing or fore-gone good work of Christian denominational churches. God continues to bless His Christian denominations commitment to provide good ministry productivity. But, it is designed to fulfill and raise all Christian churches to a deeper more intimate “next level” spiritual relationship with Father-God that allows the world to see Christ Church up close and personal with Christ as Head and Lord, individually, in you and corporately throughout the entire Christian Church. Such a bold and humble surrender to Jesus Christ authority one heart at a time easily becomes a “one accord” existence for the world to see Jesus Christ as a Spiritual Head and the Father glorified through each saved heart as the world looks on. I invite you to thoroughly read every page of this book with excitement and great expectation for each ensuing page. See what God is actively doing today to build and revive His Christian Church, right before your eyes.


  1. Hummer

    This is an amazing material for catechism.

    • Miya

      Indeed! I am using this for our church. Very inspirational.


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