Are You My Co-pilot

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A friend asked me a question, and in that question was also a subtle challenge.

I was describing my most recent novel, Are you my co-pilot when he asked me, “So, is the main character in your book searching for some meaning?” I answered, “Yes“. Yes, being the briefest answer I might give in response but immediately I wanted to tweak, that response; so I pointed to my book in his hand re-quoting a line that becomes pivotal in the searcher’s altered perspective. “Searching leads to searching. Searching can never lead to finding, and the challenge might be for us to examine our beliefs about searching and meaning.

Flexibility in Thinking: Discovering What Truly Matters

It’s been my challenge, and I’ve found that my thinking easily gets seized by the process of looking. I can get sidetracked by that process and forget the importance of what I was looking for. But with some flexibility in thinking, I might get back on track.” He asked me, “As a result of that inflexibility, you’re saying people can never find what they’re searching for?” Shaking my head, “I don’t think that’s possible, but the person in my novel discovered something much more important.” Raising his eyebrows, he asked, “What’s that?” I answered, “Clues always show up for us, and being flexible in our thinking is the key to seeing them.” Nodding, he said, “I think I understand.”

However, his face then suddenly clouded with a question, and he pointed to the cover of my novel. “But, there’s a dog. Is this dog a clue for the person in the story?” I told him, “The dog could be a clue, or maybe the dog is a guide to the clue.” I tilted my head toward my novel, “I think the dog is essential in displaying that flexibility for humans and pointing them in the suitable direction. After you read it, you can tell me what you think. Maybe your dog can help you discover the meaning of my novel. But all that philosophical mumbo-jumbo aside, Are you my co-pilot is just a fun story about a person hiking around with a dog.”

Challenging Perceptions: Exploring the Divine Connection Between Dogs and Humans

My name is Richard Kroyer, and I wrote this novel for people who live with a dog and struggle with the ideas that we all have regarding the dogs in our lives. My hope is that dog caretakers will see those ideas as outdated and contemplate some other possibilities. The title of my novel refers to a statement saying that GOD is my co-pilot, and another challenge that I saw in that question presented by my friend is to re-contemplate what the dog is and does for us on a daily basis.

One possibility is that the dog might be GOD in the shape of a dog, acting as a guide for us on our journey as a human. The challenge there might be avoiding sentimentalizing our dog by saying, “My dog is a perfect angel. It always does just what I say.” Avoiding this anthropomorphizing or sentimentalizing can leave space to contemplate the more significant tasks dogs may accomplish. That’s my challenge, but as we can never really know what the dog is doing here, I challenge you to contemplate possibilities. My novel, Are you my co-pilot, would be a great place to start.

Loyal Companions: Dogs as Constant Guides in Richard’s Journey

Richard’s journey has taken him through many diverse lifestyles, yet a constant thread has been the presence of a loyal guide and dog. While working as an aviation mechanic, he had a yellow Lab. While investigating philosophy and teaching Yoga, his Australian Shepard kept him company. While shoeing horses, a Blue Heeler would always accompany him.


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