A Simple Man by Sharon Mierke

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A Simple Man, is a story that takes place in the mid to late 1800s in the state of Montana.

The gold rush near Virginia City is in full swing and along with the gold comes prospectors, hooligans, prostitutes and gambling. There was one man, Abraham Whitechild, who had no interest in searching for gold; he was content to live in quiet solitude in a cabin deep in the mountains.

Abraham had no knowledge of his start in life. He never knew his parents and had a vague remembrance of living with a Blackfoot tribe. At twelve years old, Abe chose his own direction in life. He was alone but never lonely.

This solitary life came to an abrupt end, however, when he was charged with a crime he did not commit.

He was charged with murdering an innocent woman. Now, he was a wanted man – wanted, dead or alive! The Wanted poster had his picture on it and his name. Suddenly, his simple life became very complicated.

In order to escape from a corrupt sheriff and his deputies, Abe traveled north in search of a Blackfoot camp hidden in the forest. He remembered little of his past, but he was aware that a Blackfoot Chief had given him his name. All he could hope for was that they would once again take him in.

There are many twists and turns to Abraham’s life as a fugitive.

He is found by Blackfoot hunters, almost frozen to death. Meanwhile, back in Virginia City, someone identical to Abe murders the Sheriff and in turn, is shot by his deputies. On Boot Hill there is a grave marker that bears his name – Abraham Whitechild!

One reader asked what inspired me to write such a story.

All I could say was that one day my granddaughter and I were talking about writing and we were throwing ideas around.  One of us came up with this idea: what would happen if you saw a Wanted: Dead or Alive poster and it had your picture and your name on it! What would you do? So, I took it from there…

I hope readers will relate to the title, A Simple Man, and to the protagonist, Abraham Whitechild. He was a man who was content with so little and he loved his solitary life but he ended up with a wife, a family and a friend sharing his lonely cabin in the mountains. He was kind and loving to all, even though he had never known the warmth of a hug until he was a grown man. And, in the end, he was once again alone but content with his life as a mountain man.

About Me

Because I am now coming to the end of my writing career (although a dear friend tells me that writing is in my blood and I’ll be writing til I’m 100), I write simply for the pleasure of writing. Now, my son, daughter and granddaughter create my book covers and my husband publishes them on Amazon.

Keeping my Kindle books at 99 cents so everyone can afford to read them. I make up my own ads with photos my daughter takes and put them on Instagram and Facebook. I do this because I enjoy it and find it very relaxing!  I’m enclosing the link to my book, A Simple Life. My son created the book cover and my daughter took the photograph. 


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