Along Came Polyamory: Buyer Beware by Lee Ismoire

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This memoir was written as I lay prostate in the ash heap of what used to be my beautiful, joyful, and happy family.

Navigating the Complexities of Polyamory

This book was conceived in darkness seeking to find light, faith and hope. It seeks to capture how the innocence and purity of children are threatened by the self-involved, self-aggrandizing and immoral wants and needs of polyamorist parents.

The world of polyamory is a seedy underworld where every traditional rule we have lived by for a thousand generations is broken. Every value you grew up with is severed: religious faith, sexual faithfulness, providing a safe place to raise your children, honesty and decency.

Navigating Family Transformations and Finding Hope

I am a grandmother who has, over more than five years now, watched my daughter-in-law morph from a kind, loving and attentive wife and mother into a loud, proud and arrogant polyamorist pansexual. It was a startling transformation that led my son, my grandchildren, my husband and I down a deep and dark rabbit hole of depravity and depression.

As a Christian parent and grandparent, I watched my son and granddaughters diminished, heartbroken, emptied out to dry as they became discarded remnants in the rear view mirror of my newly brassy polyamorist daughter-in-law.

As we prayed and patiently waited, her commitment to polyamory grew unabated. After more than five years, she is now firmly entrenched in a polyamorist commune in Oregon dabbling in pagan and wicca festivals, participating in group cuddles and naked hot-tub sessions and other no holds barred polyamorist activity.

When all seems lost, when your dreams and happiness are snuffed out and you see no light at the end of the tunnel, you will discover the power, the peace and the hope which God provides.

It truly is darkest before the dawn. When you are hanging on by the skin of your teeth and you know absolutely nothing you can do will affect your situation, that is truly when you discover the power of God.

Finding Strength and Purpose Amidst Family Challenges and Despair

We all have faith, some have more and others have less. What truly and really matters is the ability to gather all of that faith, big or small, and place your problems, anxieties and worries at the feet of Jesus. Yes, as a grandmother and a mother, I cried, prayed and pleaded with God. He promises in Philippians 4:6-7:
“Be anxious for nothing. But in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guide your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

My husband and I have watched our beautiful 3-generation Christian family crumble like a house of cards. As our daughter-in-law discards her nurturing role as wife and mother and plumbs the depths of her new poly lifestyle, our now cardboard son walks around gutted and shell-shocked while we grandparents are told to visit under strict supervision and forbidden from “talking about God”.

Yes, it all seems hopeless. And yet, we hope. We are inspired, we are not anxious and we know all this nastiness, all this depravity, all this pain are being allowed because God has a powerful purpose for pain, despair and disappointment in our lives.

A Journey of Restoration, Hope, and Trust in God’s Plan

He is Eternal.  He is Alpha.  He is Omega.  He wipes away every tear. He will protect my grandchildren.  He has a plan to take all the broken pieces of my son together and will rebuild him into a stronger person worthy of His love and salvation.  And inconceivable as it might seem, I know He has a plan for my prodigal daughter-in-law.

All is not lost.  My book is about faith in the heart of adversity.  I wish to encourage fellow Christians by sharing our painful story with all its finer details, nuances of despair because this is how God forges diamonds out of coal. This is what happens when God prepares us for Heaven and for an eternity with Him.  There is no place for sin in Heaven. Only purity of intent honesty, kindness, forgiveness, true love, patience and compassion.  Jesus talks about separating the wheat from the chaff.  This book seeks to comfort fellow Christians who are being tested like we are.  Take courage, lay your burdens before our God and trust in Him.  “And you will seek me and find me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13

A Journey of Faith Beyond Family Struggles – Available in Paperback and eBook Formats

This book is less about the trials and tribulations of a Christian family torn apart by a polyamorous daughter-in-law and more about the end game of living a life close to our Savior and God for today and all of eternity.

About Myself:

I am a retired corporate executive with 30 years experience in asset management, marketing and communications with large international and Fortune 20 companies for most of my career.

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