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ReadersMagnet recommends these books on healing and repentance to start the year right.

A Law of Eden by Marilyn Taplin

Sin is all around us. Modern society often ignores the everyday sin and apostasy. But among those sins, there is nothing greater than original sin. Fortunately, this is one of the books on healing and repentance you’re looking for.

In her book, A Law From Eden: Solving the Mysteries of Original Sin, author Marilyn Taplin reminds us that the original sin is neither pride or seeking of knowledge about good and evil. The true original sin is actually is a sexual perversion. In her book, Taplin also discussed the misunderstanding of human sexuality, and it plays a big role in this morally bankrupt society.

Taplin notes that these perverse sexual acts are rampant in the contemporary LGBTQ communities. A Law of Eden is a book that calls all Christians to learn all about the truth about original sin and end this sexual practice. Only by acknowledging our sin and embracing repentance can we have forgiveness and salvation.

Living the Proverbs by Charles R. Swindoll

For many of us, we appreciate the concept of repentance only after we realize that we have done something wrong or realize that a certain bad habit has caused a huge impact on our lives. According to Charles R. Swindoll, a Christian pastor and radio preacher, repentance does not need to be done this way. In his book, Living the Proverbs, Swindoll shares God’s instructions on how we should handle our day-to-day issues, including temptation.

By doing so, we remove ourselves from sinning big and actually practice repentance and healing on a daily basis. Living the Proverbs covers many areas such as handling difficult people, handling temptations and sins, even handling finances, and meaningful insights on marriage and parenting. It is a book that can serve as a handbook for modern Christians.

Sin and Its Consequences by Henry Edward Manning

This 1986 edition of Sin and Its Consequences revisits the wisdom of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. Henry Edward Manning is one of the most influential Catholic figures in his time and an advocate of a modern Catholic view of social justice. In 1904, how published Sin and Its Consequences (it had 264 pages) to help people understand more about the concept of sin, its impact on the soul, and how it affects our relationship with God.

The book discussed how to cope with temptations, the weight of sin, and how venial or common sins can lead to mortal sin. The book explains that sins of omission can eventually lead to sins of commission. Most importantly, Cardinal Manning’s classic work shows readers the road to repentance and healing through penance and grace.

Sin and Its Consequences continues to be an enlightening read more than a hundred years since it was first published.

The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson

Centuries after his death, Thomas Watson and his works continue to impart wisdom and guidance. One of the classic works by Watson is The Doctrine of Repentance. Watson’s book reminds us of the importance of repentance and acknowledging one’s sin.

In today’s modern times, seldom do we hear the word. In fact, we hardly mention the word ‘sin’ and replace it with the term ‘weakness’ or ‘flaw’ as if to ignore the bible’s teaching on sin and repentance. By acquainting ourselves with the true meaning of repentance and its role in our Christian lives, we can put ourselves closer to Jesus Christ and salvation.

We have always been taught that only by genuinely acknowledging our sins and repenting can we earn salvation. The Doctrine of Repentance is a solid guide for understanding the concept of sin and repentance. The book is a must-read for all Christians.

This is Our Time by Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax is a pastor, editor, and author of several books on healing and repentance. In 2017, he published This is Our Time, a very interesting Christian book. In this book, Trevin Wax objectively discusses the changing world and what it means for everyday Christians.

This is Our Time answers the question of adapting to society’s modern patterns and identifying true gospel in this age. Wax examines various aspects of our lives and presents them to readers to help them understand where the gospel is present and where the lies and the myths exist. By seeing through these facades, the faithful can expose and abandon the lie. But only by then can we truly be true to the gospel and be faithful witnesses to Christ.

This is Our Time is a relevant read, particularly during these times of doubt and trouble.


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