A Step Through The Empty by H. E. Salian

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A Step Though The Empty’ follows several individuals working against a world domineering organization called Oracaede. Bry returns from a lengthy exile to ascend to the thrown of Medius as king. He works with his ostracized best friend, Shad, to prevent his kingdom from falling into either disarray or Oracaede’s hands. An arranged marriage with the princess of a rival world staves off one war leaving Bry ready for the next potential catastrophe. 

The young Princess Stori works to balance her marriage with her new responsibilities and handling all the crazy people surrounding Bry.

A world away, an aging computer tech discovers new information about Oracaede and worlds he didn’t know existed. He joins the king to help the fight and to escape the demons of his own mind.

The groups efforts are both helped and hindered by an assassin from Oracaede who plays by his own rules.

I started this book and trilogy to complete two purposes. First, I wanted to improve my writing skills, and second to finally get some of the story ideas bouncing around my mind onto paper. Since my life philosophy is to take ‘Don’t bite off more than you can chew’ as a challenge rather than a warning, a trilogy seemed the appropriate amount of work to complete those two goals.

I love stories that revolve around a variety of people so that is what I decided to write. The story started off as an interesting collection of notions that I fit together until it was something cohesive. For example, I wanted to write about an arranged marriage that didn’t end poorly for either party since that often happen throughout history, though it is counter popular opinion. The light sphaere, Lucianca was based off an idea from physics about how information would travel without matter as a conduit. My goal is to work adventure into my everyday life so I can better translate that experience onto the page.

The stories I like are rarely the underdog stories. Rather, the ones about people who already have power, have an ability to be the bad guys, but who choice not to be. These stories always elicit stronger emotions in me that ones of people who have never had to choose and just default to being good or at least decent. As such, this book isn’t about the underdogs, it’s about the people who could be evil and corrupt but choose otherwise. And about the people who make the opposite choice.

Since this book is written with a younger audience in mind, I wanted it to showcase the idea that everyone has their own life circumstances. Ones that aren’t readily apparent and that one shouldn’t be judge preemptively. It’s impossible to look at someone and say they have this this, and this (or don’t) therefore they must be happy or have an easy life. Individuals are more complex than that and this book is all about the individuals. This book isn’t meant to ‘dumb down’ ideas for younger readers, rather to stretch their comfort zone with new ideas and possibilities.

The story of ‘A Step Though The Empty’ will continue in the next two books of the Vis Remaining Trilogy. The first draft of the next book, ‘Havoc of Wolves,’ is finished and I’m excited to keep working on it until it is ready to be published. I am also planning a short story around a group of characters that appear briefly in this book, but will take a central role in ‘Havoc of Wolves.’

I’m online on Twitter and on my website H E Salian. My book is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.


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