Love, Magic, Escape: Earth Healer by Odette Nassar

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Storytelling is a gift, a haven, and a type of magic. Storytelling gives us a means of escape and a way to work through our hopes, fears, and desires. For me, Odette Nassar, storytelling was a way to entertain my children when they were young, to make history or religion more interesting and memorable. As they got older and started creating their own stories, I wanted to lead by example and challenge myself. So when I began writing my fantasy romance, Earth Healer, it was a motivational goal I set for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Unfortunately, I wrote it and then promptly put it away; stored, forgotten, on an old hard drive.

As a wife and a mother who homeschooled each child through high school, I was busy planning, teaching, and volunteering. My priorities were focused on other people. And then, a few years ago, my eldest left for college and my second had one foot out the door, too. The two youngest were teen-agers who needed less “teaching” and more “guiding.” And I had time to pursue my own passions.


It reached out and grabbed me by the collar. “My turn!” it squealed gleefully.

And that’s when I rediscovered Earth Healer.  

And I still loved it. Angeline is a young woman confident in her magic but not so confident about her place in the world. She embodied character traits from friends, myself, and even my own children. Throughout the narrative, she grows into a stronger woman and a more confident person.

Damien is the laird of his country; a country cursed into barrenness. He doesn’t trust magic, equating all magic power with the curse that has been placed on him. With every interaction with Angeline, Damien realizes his own power. They have to work together to discover the root of the problem and rebuild the land that they both love.

In many ways, this story of magic and rebuilding helped me escape the realities of modern day politics and daily escapades with my children and husband. But more than that, it reminded me how much I love the process of creating characters who become real to me, building a world I wish I could live in, and then telling a story.

I hope this book draws readers in and allows them some escape from daily responsibilities. My goal was to build a story that could be a journey away from real life. The fantasy romance I wrote shares a story where hard things happen but there is always a happily ever after. In fact, I loved the world and the characters so much that the second book (Fire Seeker) was in my head before I could finish the final edits on Earth Healer.

And so the story continues after Earth Healer. The book that started as a stand-alone novel written as a challenge to myself, is now the first in a series.

I hope that you all, including the members of the Authors’ Lounge, enjoy Earth Healer and the rest of the stories from Omnos Island as much as I do! To discover more about the series and other writing projects, please visit my website:


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