Writing Communities Online and Why They Are Essential for Self-Published Authors

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Living a life as an author can mean different things to different people. Their writing life can be their peace of mind. It can be their passion. Or, it can be their means of expression. However, there is one thing common in living a life as an author, and that is living a life of solitary. Self-publishing authors tend to drown themselves in writing focused on a particular goal. The writing process can get pretty lonely. Nonetheless, you are not the only one experiencing this. As a self-publishing author, you have to keep yourself in check and motivated.

Writing communities are the perfect platform for you to put a stop to your solitary writing life. Writing communities are groups that cater to all writers. Members of this writing community will come together to understand, support, and connect with other authors. There are numerous writing communities for self-publishing authors to join in both face-to-face and virtual groups. With the rampant use of technology nowadays, many lean on online writing communities. For the reason being that you can connect with other authors in the comforts of your own home. Writing communities online is essential as it allows you to connect with authors not only in your area but also in distant places. ReadersMagnet Author’s Lounge is the perfect online writing hub for self-publishing authors. Furthermore, writing communities will be essential to improving your success and life as a self-publishing author.

Receive Feedback

Whether you are a rising, an aspiring, or a promising author, writing communities online will always be essential to receive opinion and feedback from other authors with regards to your book or article. As mentioned, writing communities online allows authors to share their writings and stories. In ReadersMagnet’s online writing platform, self-publishing authors are allowed to receive feedback. Granted that you may get feedback from friends and family there is nothing better than getting feedback from other people who do not personally know you. This online platform will help you receive honest and unbiased feedback from self-publishing authors like you. You’ll be able to have an open discussion or forum regarding the topic you have written on the platform. This enables self-publishing authors to help each other out through constructive criticism. This feedback you will receive will help you improve your writing and achieve your writing goals. In addition, authors are able to gain confidence and create a bond with others.

Get Support  

To become an author, you will be faced with numerous challenges during the writing process. There may be struggles in writing the dialogue, expressing the message, writing burnout, writer’s block, and so much more. Joining an online writing community will be essential for you to get the support you need. Not only the support of the online platform but the entire writing community. A writing community online will be your family, you’ll be encouraged by writers who also undergo the same experience. The writing community will help you navigate through your struggles successfully. In this online literary group, your hard work will be recognized and vice versa. There will be a genuine celebration of the successes of each and everyone.

Receive Marketing Services

Self-publishing authors would find it hard to market and network their books. Marketing means you will have to spend a huge amount of money. A writing community online is essential for self-publishing authors to get the marketing services they need immediately. However, by joining a writing community online, you will be receiving the marketing and networking services for a small amount. Writing communities online have a goal to help its author members to be successful. These literary platforms will help with the marketing of your published works. You will be able to share your book with a wider audience. ReadersMagnet LLC’s Author’s Lounge is not only a writing community online that allows self-publishing authors to connect with a variety of authors and share inspirational stories. By joining this online writing platform, self-publishing authors can enjoy the $250 worth package which includes publishing and marketing services for your book.


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