Woman of God by Chelsea Kong

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Hello, this is Chelsea Kong. I am an author and podcaster. Many great authors want to share with their audience a captivating story, message, or idea. Author’s Lounge is a great place to do this. We have knowledge, gifts, and wisdom to contribute to each other. A profound message that can impact lives and bring that breakthrough that you need.

Woman of God teaches children with examples of women in the Bible life principles to help them become women for God. Most people know Queen Esther, Ruth, Sarah, Rebekah, Rahab, Deborah, Woman in Proverbs 31, and Mary. What about the other women in the Bible that are not often mentioned like Tamar, Abigail, and Jael? These women also have their values that are unique that children can learn from. They will also discover the reason God designed women and embrace that. It leads children to know about Jesus as our Lord and Savior and His example for us as well as His love for us. The children are also taught some basics that they need to develop in their daily life such as praying every day, reading God’s Word, to hear His voice, spend time with Him, and to learn to enjoy His presence. Children will develop a healthy and godly lifestyle. At the end of the book, there are prayers to lead the children to receive Jesus Christ into their heart, about the Holy Spirit, and a prayer to guide them to become a woman for God.

When I was younger, I thought learning needs to be fun and easy. I always enjoyed children’s books, movies, games, and animations. Children have a creativity and resilience that is different than adults. They are so full of life and curious to discover something new. They will test your limits in how far they can go, but they know how to have fun. Their imagination is vast too. It is important for them to be taught the Bible at a young age since their brain absorbs a lot more information at a younger age. The Bible instructs us to do this too. When they are taught correctly at a young age, they will become an example for others. As an adult, I found the best way to learn is by powerful examples that we can relate with and to become that example. Many children are not taught how to live a life that honours God. The Bible is not usually taught outside of the context of the Bible in the form of books in how it can be related to our everyday life. Most authors usually write story books more than teaching books make it simple to learn and apply to everyday life. I was drawn to write books for children and this book is specifically for ages 4-12. It’s a passion that I have to become a woman of excellence for the Lord and I aspire to become like the Proverbs 31 Women, which many other women also do. Men love a Proverbs 31 Women too. A woman that is capable to do many things and yet have the time to do it well. She is a great aspiration and there is so much we can learn from her.

My desire is that those who read Woman of God will be able to grow into the woman that God has made each one. That the children can use the principles in the book and to grow into God fearing women. They will develop a relationship with God and understand the importance and value that they have to offer. Each one is unique and needs to honour their personal gifts and calling. They need to understand that God made them to do a specific purpose for Him. That this can nurture children to have a healthy self-image and know their identity in the Lord. It shapes their character to become a beautiful individual that God intended. At the same time, they will learn to build their relationship with God and to grow in their faith. This will motivate and encourage them to pursue a godly life and they can experience God’s favour in their lives as they start the journey to walk in holiness.

There is potential for this book to be used in a Bible school class to help teach children. It can be shared with others and can become a good gift to give to anyone who needs to know they are valuable in God’s eyes. It is great for mothers also to be able to learn with their children as they read the book. Often, I relate this book to Mother’s Day. We often expect that children will become a mother someday. This book can bring the family closer together. The principles from the scriptures are what changes lives and makes families united. In the future, there is a possibility it could become a teaching series of its own because one can expand on each of the women in the Bible. There are other women in the Bible that were not included in the book when I wrote it. It also has a connection to the Knowing God series. One needs to learn about God to become truly an exceptional woman for Him and requires His strength and ability to do that. Children also would need to Hear God’s Voice too. The Lord is the one that guides us to know what to do each day and gives us success.

Currently, you can find more than 60 books available on Amazon mostly for children. There are also books for teenagers/young adults, and adults available. Additional books can be found on Barnes and Noble and Kobo. You will find links available on the website along with three teaching series that I was inspired to produce to teach children, teenagers/young adults, and adults. You can check the link to my website to find out more including the link to my podcast channel on YouTube: https://chelseak532002550.wordpress.com/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chelsea.kong1


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