Being A Woman in Male-Dominated Fields – Is It Worth It?

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Speaking up about inequality may feel risky and uncomfortable, but it will help build a future where women and their talents are respected in the workplace.

Women continue to face major challenges as they strive to excel in many industries and professions. Whether it’s tech, finance, engineering, or politics, the gender gap persists. Such a social issue stifles the potential of talented women to shine in male-dominated fields. We need to talk about the struggles faced by women in male-dominated fields. More so, society should work on making themselves an inclusive and equitable work environment for women to shine.

Answering to The Stereotypes and Biases

The first obstacle of women in male-dominated fields is the continuing presence of stereotypes and biases. They show up in various ways and it seriously harms women and their ability to believe in themselves. Because women are often questioned about their competence, leadership capabilities, and commitment to the profession.

Overcoming these stereotypes mean that women should consistently prove their worth. However, it’s something that they have been doing nonstop, and they’re still not acknowledged as an equal in many industries. More often than not, they constantly face additional scrutiny and pressure compared to their male counterparts.

Women in any industry, regardless if they’re male-dominated or not, struggle with this particular bias. People assume that women will have trouble with work commitments, in relation to family and personal life. Hence, the biased perceptions of women’s dedication and ability to work, especially if they’re married or have kids. Women are also looked down upon in the tech and engineering industries, where their technical proficiency is seen as lacking.

More importantly, the microaggressions and subtle forms of workplace harassment are other problems, too. They create a hostile environment for a woman in male-dominated fields. Dismissive comments, excluding, and gender-based jokes, fuel the negative stereotypes against women. It doesn’t help that they further undermine women’s professional standing.

Lack of Representation and Opportunities for Women

A lack of representation further adds up to the challenges women face. Without visible role models and mentors who succeeded in similar paths, women struggle to envision themselves in their chosen careers. Because they don’t have someone, a fellow woman to lean on, they may feel isolated in their professional journey.

Establishing connections can make it seem harder for a woman in male-dominated fields as well. This is because society has preconceived biases against women climbing up to success. Or, as unfortunate as they call it “sleeping their way to the top.” The continued objectification and degradation of women often prevents others from properly acknowledging a woman’s hard work. As a result, women end up having to prove their worth even if their success already speaks volumes.

When women see other women succeed in their respective fields, it becomes an inspiration. The heights that were once unreachable and previously inaccessible are now available for other women. Moreover, the traditional gender roles are broken, which addresses the gender gap in certain fields.

The Art of Girlbossing as A Woman in Male-Dominated Fields

Despite the odds, women should never put themselves down in order to conform to the societal standards. Every woman can still accomplish great things at any field, and being a woman in male-dominated fields won’t make you any less than.

The story of a woman’s strong entrepreneurial spirit persists in the book The Demanding River by Cheryl J. Corriveau. Here, readers look at the protagonist Jordan Harris – a woman full of life and energy. Jordan’s career turned around and things escalated from there. As she chases for more opportunities to grow in her chosen path, she encounters many struggles. Specifically, being a woman in male-dominated fields throughout her career. Still, Jordan continues to persevere despite the problems that arose.

Many women in the world right now are striving to climb the corporate ladder, or simply live the life the wanted. Whatever the means, each of them wanted to prove something to the world. However, society still hasn’t given women the chance to thrive in male-dominated fields, often undermining their capacity and skills to succeed.

While being a woman in a male-dominated field is hard, it’s not something impossible to overcome. We must build a future where gender does not limit women’s chances for success. It may take a long time to get rid of those hurdles and ingrained biases. Moreover, the systemic flaws that hinder the success of a woman in male-dominated fields are larger than we think. But again, all society needs to do is acknowledge the existence of these problems.


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