Willow Weeps

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Willow Weeps is a thriller with a dusting of the supernatural.

Messages from a missing girl and a spate of unexpected deaths draw DCI Win Phelps out of retirement and back into the cold case that’s haunted him for 30 years. Is Willow dead or alive, and who is going after those linked to her disappearance?

DCI Phelps finds himself working with the missing child’s brother, his childhood friends, and a woman who claims she can communicate with Willow. It’s only by opening his mind to the unthinkable that he might finally offer her family closure and dig up the secrets that someone buried all those years ago.

My inspiration for this book was my daughter, Hannah.

As a massive fan of the series Ghost Whisperer growing up, she wanted me to write a book that had a character that could hear ghosts. That idea started the character building for Cleo being a part of a story that I’d had buzzing around my head for a few months already. I’d started writing the basic plot and had the opening chapter down, but it was Hannah’s brilliant input that really kickstarted it.

The target audience for my book is those who enjoy a thriller with a twist of something more unusual.

So far, my readership has consisted of both thriller and horror fans, so it spans two genres easily.

I would hope that my readers enjoy not just the plot and the twists, but also the emotional depth of the characters. Most of the book is based 30 years after the original disappearance and describes how Willow’s case has impacted them all over those three decades.

In part of the story, we see how Willow’s brother, Andy, reconnects with the close-knit group of friends he had back then. Despite the extended time of no contact, they fall back into their friendship as though it was only yesterday, and through different character’s recollections the reader will start to understand everyone’s history, flaws, and what made them the person they are today.

I’ve had some lovely reviews from readers about how engaged with the characters they were, and how it added to the overall story.

Willow Weeps has a lot of shiny things in her future!

The first achievement will be her release as an AudioBook by the end of May 2023 – the narrator (Grant Love) is amazing and the quality of his production on this book was outstanding. There are also plans for a second book featuring Cleo and Win – this is still a work in progress, but it involves Cleo being pulled into an active serial killer case by an old school friend whose daughter was one of the first victims. Can Cleo find them before they strike again?

I’m aiming to make these books that can be read as standalone, so even with them involving the same characters they won’t lead into each other. I’m aware that while some readers prefer a series others like to just read the one book and move on to something different. I was also especially proud to be invited to write this article for Reader’s Lounge about this book.

About me!

I write under the pen name Molly Garcia and live on an island in Spain where I get to write with views of blue skies and palm trees!

I worked in social care for over 30 years, mostly in mental health, complex needs, homelessness, and with ex-offenders. I use that experience to create believable characters with complex backstories that reflect real life.

I’ve just released the first in a planned trilogy of psychological thrillers with a stalker theme (The Love of His Life) and plan to continue self-publishing my books as long as the ideas keep coming.

I find that inspiration often comes when I least expect it, ideas that just pop into my head and demand to be written, hence I often have more than one WIP on the go.

I write in both thriller and horror genres and have two collections of short horror stories published, one of which is already on audiobook and the other is being produced right now. By the end of the year, I hope to have all my current work available on audio, and so far, I’m on target!


Universal purchase link: https://books2read.com/WillowWeeps

Website: Molly Garcia Author | Molly Garcia (square.site)

Find me on IG, Twitter and TikTok – @MgarciaAuthor


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