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My name is F. Vawters McCloud. I was so graciously welcomed to Author’s lounge today. I’m super excited to join this prestigious forum with fellow authors and post about my debut novel “Wilhelm”. 


Wilhelm’s inception came from a nightmare I had. It was extremely short, but this character I dreamt of resonated. After months of recalling this dream I decided to write a short story. After I wrote my short story more characters begin to come alive. I soon had a novel over 300 pages. I found myself fascinated with this phantom lurking in my dreams. Once I shared him, I soon found many others became fascinated as well. Wilhelm was no longer only the title of my book, but was also called “he”.


Wilhelm takes you on a journey deep within. Wilhelm reveals inner truths that we as humans hope and pray no one will see, not even ourselves. Wilhelm takes us into the depths of a dark soul, yet he enlightens us and leads us to the truth, or maybe he just simply reveals unadulterated truth. When most think of horror they expect monsters, but I often say true horror isn’t something lurking in the darkness, but being allowed to see deep within the human heart.


Let me warn you, I am not a blogger. Sorry I don’t have that gift. Hopefully I’ll perfect this form of writing here.


Wilhelm will be at the L.A. Festival of Books April 13-14, 2019. I will post Wilhelm and more novel updates here at Author’s Lounge and please visit my website at www.WhoIsWilhelm.com.


Wilhelm is now available for purchase at


Amazon https://www.amazon.com/s?k=F+Vawters+McCloud&ref=nb_sb_noss_2


Barnes and Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wilhelm-f-vawters-mccloud/1125553077?ean=9781532011405


 IUniverse Bookstore https://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/bookdetail.aspx?bookid=SKU-001087288


and iTunes!


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