Understanding Why People May Disagree About Spiritual Truth: Does Honest Evidence Guarantee That People Will Believe the Truth?

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Answers for the Honest Skeptic by Ted Even teaches us that Honest evidence for the spiritual truth will only convince those who really want the spiritual truth

Ever wonder why two different people can look at the exact same evidence about spiritual truth and draw two basically different conflicting conclusions? Some will say that is just because both have a different starting premise. While that may certainly be true, is it really that simple? Can you imagine two people doing the same thing in a civil court of law by using their “starting premise” as an excuse for their ultimate conclusion of guilty or not guilty? Yes, we certainly do all have our own biases and starting premises which are often swayed by our mere emotions. But in a civil court of law what does the judge and jury ultimately go by for their final verdict? The biases of men, or the weight of honest evidence? If you were seriously wronged and brought it to court, what would you want the judge and jury to go by for their verdict? The personal biases and starting premises of men which can definitely be swayed by emotions? Or the weight of honest evidence?

As civil courts have constantly exposed, many (especially those truly guilty) will be swayed by their biases and emotions when determining what the verdict should be. But why is that, when every good and just civil court system should only go by the weight of honest evidence for their final verdict?

When you think about it, even children are very emotional, and will have a hard time being honest when it comes to just getting what they want. And depending upon the child, they will either easily admit their dishonesty when confronted about it – or they won’t. Those who won’t are generally considered very “strong willed”. And this “double dishonesty” of course also is seen in a lot of civil court cases – especially with those guilty of a crime. Let’s face it, if someone is dishonest about a basic truth, why should it surprise us if they are also dishonest about their dishonesty!?

So, if this basic “double dishonesty” scenario often plays out in civil court cases and even among siblings growing up, do you think it would also be a major factor in some people’s hearts when looking at spiritual truth? Of course it is! Why wouldn’t it be, if virtually every other area of life is plagued with dishonesty as well? And just like every other area of life, this is probably why so many people can look and the exact same evidence about spiritual truth and draw two basically different conflicting conclusions!

Many a full grown adult has made many major decisions in life with their mere emotions as well. Whether it is choosing houses, cars, or spouses, we can easily go by our mere emotions rather than the weight of honest evidence for a safe life-giving choice, only to find out much later that our choice ended in pain! The evidence was always there, we just dishonestly ignored it in order to emotionally get what we wanted. So, if that can happen with houses, cars, and spouses, could it happen with our spiritual beliefs too? Why not?

And the more important decision it is, the more critical it is that we make a good choice by the weight of honest evidence, so we won’t end up in pain. Why? Simply because the biggest wrong decisions bring about the most pain! And since our spiritual beliefs often sway many of our other decisions in this life (like who to marry), and also determine our eternity, most people would definitely say choosing our spiritual beliefs has the greatest potential for pain in the case of a wrong choice. And that’s exactly why it is very critical to understand just why we may be tempted to be dishonest when choosing our spiritual beliefs, so we can avoid a choice which could end in major pain.

So, just what is happening in the human heart when people are unwilling to be honest about the weight of honest evidence when choosing their spiritual beliefs? Yes, of course dishonesty, but why? Well, why are people also dishonest in the rest of life? Well, whatever the reason, it of course is not generally a good reason. One of the biggest reasons is that they are afraid of something which they really shouldn’t even be afraid of. Or perhaps they are just being selfish, because they want to be in control of something which they really shouldn’t be in control of the way they are trying to control it.

Ever been afraid of something – only to find out later that your fears were completely unfounded simply because you were actually believing something that was completely untrue? Many people have rejected a completely unbiblical Jesus, thinking they were actually rejecting the biblical Jesus. Why? Because they never bothered to even gather the honest evidence by reading the New Testament even once for themselves in order to meet the real biblical Jesus who would never hurt them in any way.

Ever been in a situation that the more you try to control something, the worse it gets, and the more it brings you pain? Relationships and jobs can both be this way. In many situations in life, if we try to control something which we really shouldn’t, because it wasn’t meant to be controlled by us, I can almost guarantee it will bring you pain! So, why isn’t the same thing very possible with our spiritual beliefs as well? What if only the real spiritual truth will give us the life and fulfillment we need? And what if all other counterfeit spiritual truths will actually cause us great harm?

If in every other area of life, the life-giving truth is narrow, why wouldn’t the very same be true with our spiritual beliefs? How open minded would you be if someone tried to convince you to breathe something other than air? How open minded would you be if someone just off the street offered to do surgery on you when you needed it? How open minded would you be if someone wanted to get married one week after you first met them? The list of course goes on about all the very narrow life-giving truths in life. So, just why couldn’t Jesus Christ be the only way to heaven just as he claimed (John 14:6), if he actually was the only figure of human history that showed up on planet earth and plainly demonstrated his loving divinity openly in the face of the human race?

You see, both truth and love are inseparable. If you really love someone, you’ll tell them the truth. And if you want them to know the truth, you’ll love them. That’s why rebellion against the truth makes no sane sense at all if it will just cause us harm. And that’s why constant rebellion against true love equals insanity if it will just cause us harm. Grab your first copy of Answers for the Honest Skeptic by Ted Even , and meet the real biblical Jesus, as many of the common questions about biblical Christianity are addressed!  


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