5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Choose Happiness Actively

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An ancient Greek author, Aeschylus, once said, “Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” Even the United States Founding Fathers understood that happiness should be chased, with the Declaration of Independence highlighting the “pursuit of happiness.” But do we truly need to choose happiness actively, and is it not something that comes to us?

Dr. Robert Knapick, the author of Choose to be Happy, knows the importance of choosing happiness. He knows that putting God in the center can lead to a more joyous state of existence, like Proverbs 16:20 in the Bible says, “He who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he.” And he would love to share how people can choose to be happy in his book.

In line with Dr. Robert Knapick’s goal of teaching everybody how to be happy, today’s topic will discuss five reasons why choosing happiness actively is essential.

Reason #1: Happiness Can Improve Your Career

Whether we admit it or not, the trajectory of our careers dramatically influences our overall sense of well-being and happiness. The amount of time we spend working (sure, it’s mostly to pay the bills) makes evident how much value we put into our careers. Choosing happiness can bring you joy, and being joyful gives you that extra motivation to be more productive at work.

Reason #2: Happiness Helps You Maintain a Healthy Life

Believe it or not, you can help maintain your health if you choose happiness actively. Happiness has positive health effects, like boosting one’s immune system, a person’s mood and motivation to partake in healthy habits, and their capability to manage stress. Since happiness encourages us to adopt healthier behaviors, it helps reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases popping up.

Reason #3: Happiness Makes Everyone a Better Citizen

Dr. Robert Knapick has helped over 15,000 suicidal patients and has personally seen them improve for the better — not just for themselves but for society. Being happy makes people more likely to delve into service projects contributing to their community’s well-being and development. It only helps strengthen bonds between the people in the said community and propagate compassion in them. Happy individuals become happy citizens who band together to bring life and joy to their communities.

Reason #4: Happiness Helps People to Handle Stress Better

Stress is indeed a daily aspect of our lives. No matter how much we avoid them or how stoic, intelligent, affluent, or educated a person is, we’ll encounter something that stresses us out sooner or later. Happiness helps put us in a positive mood, and when we have a positive attitude, we can bounce back from stress better and faster.

Reason #5: Happiness Might Not Be Too Difficult to Achieve

Now that you’ve reached this far, you’ve most likely seen that happiness is entirely within your grasp. Plus, you will only have to do a little to maintain it. Happiness can be found in your household, having a nice walk with your significant other, doing hobbies you like, enjoying a fun afternoon alone, and helping out in the community. You can also lean into God’s good graces by serving the church or attending mass because God is the most significant source of happiness we can get.

As we navigate life, we may find that happiness is a fleeting feeling. But to live our lives to the fullest, we must learn how to choose happiness actively. If you’re having a hard time doing that, Dr. Robert Knapick and his book Choose to be Happy can give you helpful insights to aid you in choosing happiness.


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