Where Is Home? (Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh: Book 1)

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Where Is Home? is a book for cat lovers! It’s a story about two rescue cats, mischievous Lilly-Puss and wise telepathic Pharaoh.

Who despite their differences, must work together to find their forever home (with human servants, of course), while discovering the true meaning of friendship

I Had to Write About My Cats!

I am an unwavering human servant to three adorable rescue cats who are the muse for this book. Their cute personalities, and their talent for convincing me to give them what they want, is something that I just had to write about.

For Children Ages 8+ and All Cat Lovers

Though the narrative is light-hearted, it still addresses the subject of abandonment and loss. It’s an appropriate book for children aged 8 and up, as well as any cat-lovers.

Putting Yourself in a Cat’s Paws

This book celebrates the wisdom animals possess and how they can enhance our lives. A portion of its proceeds will be donated to a local cat rescue charity Rachel’s KittyCat Rescue.

I would like to show readers what it’s like to be in a cat’s paws, to hear their thoughts and experience their feelings. I hope that readers feel affection towards the animals, and be inspired to visit the local animal shelter to consider adoption or donation.

Book Sequels and Free Audiobooks

By August, my goal is to have the second book of the series out with Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh as protagonists along with a Dog joining them. The third book should follow in October, featuring Pharaoh using his telepathy to look for his lost family. I also plan to release all three stories of the series as one book before December. 

This first book, Where is Home?, is accompanied by a talking-cats’ audiobook that comes free with a book purchase – you can listen to it from my website www.natashablazic.com

 I intend to do the same for books two and three.

Cat Lover and Writer

I have always liked writing. My short stories and poems were first published by the literary magazine Croatian Thought in my native language. I started writing screenplays to practice my English. I enjoyed it so much that I soon realized that I also wanted to write short stories and novels.

My screenplays have placed highly in many screenwriting competitions. Currently, I am turning my screenplay Vesna’s Beach, a semi-finalist in the Page International Awards, into a novel, and looking for an agent/publisher for my rom-com/sci-fi Painting Her Thoughts.

Being a parent (and servant) to three cats, I hold the Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh stories close to my heart.

Pharaoh lounging around
Lilly-Puss, the athletic cat

Thank you Authors’ Lounge for the opportunity to showcase my book!


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