What I Need To Know Before I Die

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The book “What I Need to Know

Before I Die” was inspired by my daughters. It started out as a letter to let them know that there is an afterlife and we all need to give thought to the way we journey through life. The book deals with how to navigate through the land mines and challenges as we travel through to get safely home to our Creator.

This excerpt from the introduction of the book gives more details about the message the author is seeking to communicate to the reader. The book is a written attempt to sound like alarm bell about the importance of us all being prepared to transition into our next life. There is one thing of which we can be certain: we all will one day die and give up this human body to make that transition. This is a certainty. We are not meant to live forever.

Each of our lives has an expiration date, which means the body is emptied of the soul and the spirit residing in it.

The vehicle death use varies. It can be an accident, illness, or suicide; although some die under mysterious circumstances, whatever the cause may be, the vehicle carrying death will eventually come. I know this is a subject we do not particularly like to talk about as it causes us to have to think about our own mortality and the fact that one day, we too are going to die. I believe if we truly come to understand what happens when we die, it will help us make good choices while we are alive and take away the fear of dying!

It is so easy to miss out on the essence of who we truly are as a person and why things happen the way they do in our lives.

There are so many contributing factors to consider when we think about what has shaped our world view about our life at an early age. There is a spirit realm beyond and of course there are this physical realm we live in. The spirit realm has always be in existence and the physical realm came later. The best way to describe it has to liken the spirit realm to being like the parent and the physical to being as the child, Whatever happens in our individual lives happens first in the spiritual realm- good or bad.

This is scriptural and unfortunately many of us do not have a good understanding of this.

I invite you to read the book with focus on the last three chapters.

The book is available on Amazon in several formats, including Kindle, audiobook, paperback and hardcover. It’s also available on my website; mavisbeneby.com

Book just won an award in its category, Inspirational and Spirituality. 2024 Global Impact Book Award.

Author lives in Houston Texas area, recently retired and hoping to turn the book into a series.


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