Book Feature: Werewolf on Madison Avenue by Edward Lipinski

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There’s a long and still growing list of books featuring wolves or werewolves as their protagonists. A new addition to this list is the story of the charismatic Jeff Foxlove in Werewolf on Madison Avenue by Edward Lipinski.

In one book, they’re portrayed as these vicious, blood-thirsty antagonists hunting down their prey. On other occasions, they’re the romantic love interests, loyal and brave at professing their undying love. Either way, werewolf characters have recently been in the spotlight due to their interesting allure.

A mixture of man and wolf, werewolf characters are always expected to carry a breeze of confidence and an intoxicating manliness that makes them some of the most interesting characters in literature. However, in exchange for this charisma, they’re also at serious risk of having found out and possibly harmed for their whimsical, although frightening, nature. This double-edged sword makes werewolf stories engrossing, thrilling stories yet with a touch of romance in their pages.

But are werewolves primarily portrayed through a sensual or romantic lens?

Although their fate typically falls into romance, given it’s one of the biggest genres, werewolf fiction isn’t always roses and love. With the shifting between man and animal, the most exciting fictional transformations ever created, most popular werewolf stories revolve around the action of having been found out and the thrill of hiding one’s identity.

Edward Lipinski Creating an Exciting Werewolf Fiction

With the DNA of wolves laced in their bodies, werewolves are commonly associated with an uncontrollable urge to kill, along with primal human instincts. Their alteration between man and wolf perfectly captures the struggle between good and evil. Overall, werewolves can be interpreted as humans trying to balance their inescapable instincts and their learned morality.

But what happens if their urges aren’t subdued?

In his debut book, Werewolf On Madison Avenue, Edward Lipinski writes about the fall of man’s morality in a werewolf suit. Balancing the humanity in his character with the primal instincts of a werewolf, the book starts by introducing a lovely character to its readers. Jeff Foxlove – ironic, there’s a fox in his name, is an intelligent and charismatic advertising copywriter for Cudmore Advertising Agency.

Life had been good for Jeff. Everything seemingly fell and happened in his favor. He had a booming career, having mastered the necessary competencies for his career, and made a good salary with it. Not to mention, he also juggled a burning love life on the side. But everything changed instantly, with him almost losing everything after one incident.

Jeff’s life changed during a vacation in Yucatan, where a feral creature attacked him. Although everything happened fast, he managed to escape the beast’s fury. Yet, instead of suffering for days with his injuries, he’s astonished upon waking up miraculously healed. It was as if the night before was nothing but his imagination. But unbeknownst to him, he was gradually losing his humanity.

About the Author

Edward Lipinski wonderfully creates a morally grey character whom readers can’t help but root for. After all, he never wanted to transform every full moon, and it was never in his nature to hunt and kill. Instead, the magic of fantasy is making him teeter between a charming writer and a blood-thirsty werewolf. His metamorphosis and psychological struggle that comes with it is agonizing, not only for Jeff but also for the readers.

Similar to his character, Edward Lipinski has also worked in an advertising company for 40 years, where he worked as an art director, designer, and writer. Werewolf On Madison Avenue is his debut novel. But his impressive accomplishments with writing for the New York Times for years can guarantee readers of a fantastic and quality fantasy novel.

Find out if Jeff can successfully hide his identity or if he must surrender himself to the authorities. Join him as he evades being captured and, simultaneously, looks for hope to become normal again in Werewolf On Madison Avenue by Edward Lipinski.


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